Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Stay in touch with all the latest blog updates by  subscribing to our full-text RSS feed! It's free to subscribe, and the RSS readers are free too! We post an average of 20 posts per week!

Apart from our  main feed that gets you everything we post in this blog, we have created two subset subfeeds, one includes all the new digital camera announcements and nothing else, and another all the shopping/bargain-hunting related posts. Needless to say if you subscribe to the main feed, you get everything! And it's all FREE!

1001 Noisy Cameras RSS feeds
 Main feedThe Main full-text feed gets you all the posts posted here at 1001 Noisy Cameras!
 New Camera AnnouncementsThis is a subset/subfeed that includes only the new digital camera announcements
 Noisy ShopperThis is a subset/subfeed that only includes posts on shopping, special offers, in-stock alerts, new cameras shipping for the first time, special bargains, rebates, etc

PS1> If you are new to RSS feeds, check this easy to read intro by Pro Blogger.

PS2> You also receive a bonus item if you are an RSS subscriber. It's a 17-page PDF article that contains the list of all the current digital cameras as of December 2007! Details on the bonus article here.

Alternatives to RSS
  1. Feedburner is also offering subscriptions by email. Click on the links above and select the "email" option instead.
  2. You can follow the latest blog updates at NetVibes. You don't have to subscribe, just bookmark the page and visit whenever you wish. We have created multiple views of the blog, for example, posts by brand-name, posts by general topic, and the latest posts by blog.
  3. Add this blog to your browser bookmarks
  4. Add this blog to your favorite online bookmarks (del.ic.ious, technorati faves, stumble upon, etc)
  5. Add this blog to your starting page (iGoogle, NetVibes, MyYahoo, etc)
  6. Open Google and type "1001 noisy". It will be the first item in the results

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