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Supernatural superserious sweet delirious Fuji F45fd!

We now owe REM $0.001 eCPM in royalties for that headline :) But it is indeed a sweet and delirious deal at Ritz and Wolf cameras, where you can get the Fuji F45fd for $105 after a $75 mail-in rebate. That's right, just one hundred and five dollars after your receive the mail-in rebate! The special is good online and in-store, but please keep in mind that the Ritz stores and websites are separate entities. You can't buy online/pick-up at the store, or exchange and things like that.

The Fuji F45fd is a special edition of the Fuji F40fd, essentially the same camera, but in gunmetal gray for the USA market, and a different color (fashionable blue?) we believe for the UK market (Argos stores).

The $75 mail-in rebate offer expires on April 30, 2008, and you have until May 31st, 2008 to send your rebates. Be sure to read the rebate form for all the details and make copies of everything you submit!

Currently (August 2008), the F45fd is available at Amazon and at Wolf/Ritz Camera for about $160.

Fuji F40fd vs F45fd vs F47fd
Before we get into the Fuji F45fd madness, here is a quick primer on the three confusing model names

  • F40fd: Most "famous" of the three, uses 8mp 1/1.6" SuperCCD sensor. Details at Fuji UK
  • .
  • F45fd: Similar to the F40fd, but in different color and offered only through select retailers (Argos UK, Ritz/Wolf USA, etc). Details at Fuji UK

  • F47fd: Uses 9mp 1/1.6" sensor instead of the 8mp sensor. Details at Fuji UK.

  • There is a Fuji issued firmware update that enables use of SDHC cards with the F40fd/F45fd.

  • Announcement details at IR and dpreview.

Discussions on the Fuji F45fd and F40fd
The F45fd special at Ritz is discussed in detail at FatWallet, along with the dpreview Fuji Talk forum.

The Ritz special is discussed in this Fuji SLR Talk dpreview forum thread.

Trying to decide between the F50fd and the F3x/F4x? Check this thread out. We can't promise you an absolute answer though :) Ultimately it's a personal choice.

The FotoTramp has a comparison between the F40fd, F50fd and a couple of Canons (Elph and G9). See what the Fototramp thinks of that quartet.

More discussions and reactions coming up!

FinePix F45fd Digital Camera - Regularly $179.99 - $10 Instant Savings - 1-Week Only Summer Sale!

Fuji F40fd (and F45fd) reviews
The F40fd (and consequently the F45fd) got their share of reviews, although they did not get the all important dpreview and Imaging Resource reviews.

The most high profile reviews come from DC Resource by Jeff Keller, Steve's Digicams, and which also points out potential noise reduction side-effects.

The smoothest review perhaps is the one at NeoCamera. Be sure to check the F31fd vs F40fd box on page 2 of the review!

The most bullish perhaps reviews come from Trusted Reviews and digicamreview, and Digital Camera Review. Similar names, but different websites.

The most bearish review came from Photography Blog and perhaps DCI. A shorter version of the DCI review can be found at

Think Camera has a user style single page review, for those who do not want to spend too much time digging into multi-page reviews. Also a single-page format review by Pocket Lint.

And how the traditional techie sites? CNet gives it the usual CNet treatment with their regular camera reviewer Phil Ryan. Meanwhile Molly at PC Magazine tests it out as well.

Believe or not, there's a few more reviews, we'll post them at a later time time-permitting. We think the above selection is more than enough to help you make a decision. Is it not? :)

Fuji F40fd/F45fd user reviews
This is the F40fd in a nutshell. The forum user has posted his findings after 2-3 months of using the F40fd.

There are 24 user reviews at the dpreview site. This is separate from the dpreview forums. This is a place where people enter their own reviews. The latest one was posted just today.

There are 56 customer reviews posted at Amazon, with an average star rating of four out of five. In this view of the customer reviews, you can see the top bullish and top bearish reviews for the camera, which can give you a better overall feel without having to read every single user review.

There are more of them, time permitting we will add them. Especially if someone has read all the ones mentioned above and asks for more :)

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Its an awesome camera. This is a good camera for the price. It is simple to use and takes clear, crisp pictures. Also, the battery life is good. And the price makes it affordable to take good pictures.