Monday, April 21, 2008

Ten Stories Only (aka Deliciously Noisy)

If you find the information-overload Noisy Situation Room overwhelming, too addictive, or time consuming because of the 70+ story links compressed in a tiny space, we have the diet alternative for you: Ten deliciously noisy stories and nothing else.

This experimental new feature is powered by del.ic.ious. Let us know if you have any feedback! We promise we won't cry if you don't like it!

Update for Firefox 3 users If you are using Firefox 3 RC1 or RC2, you may see a blank spot above where the ten camera and photo stories are to appear. Hopefully this will be remedied in the official Firefox 3 release. Until then Firefox 3 users, you can see the same information at Netvibes or directly at del.ic.ious.


amin said...

Many thanks for the recent coverage!

1001 noisy cameras said...

You are welcome! Thanks as well! Looking forward to the next SD1 shootout installment!

prophotolife said...

I really like the diversity of the subjects presented. I use Linux, am interested in open RAW, am a big Leica fan, there's photo technique (okay, I'm biased - thanks much for the mention!), cameras, photos...I look forward to seeing how people respond to the format. Somehow you've nailed my diverse interests so I'm hooked...more great reading on more than the usual subjects.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! This is the opposite of the information-overload "Situation Room", so it forces me to only pick a small number of topics of interest.

If I ever get to changing the template, this would be a good candidate to go in the sidebars as well, but the "unfixed" width template makes it tricky.