Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Panasonic TZ5 Dynasty, Nikon D40 jumps, Sony returns (Amazon Top Sellers)

We have a new episode of the Camera Charts, with lots of drama!

Some of the exciting developments:

  • New Top DSLR: Nikon D40's big jump steals the [Top DSLR] spot from the D-Rebel XTi (400D)
  • We are not sure what caused the big Nikon D40 jump, perhaps temporary price drop
  • New #1 (yet another Powershot)
  • Canon reseals the Top 10 as a $6 price increase sends the Kodak C613 into a tail spin Oops! We forgot about the Nikon D40 in the Top 10. Scratch this line :)
  • Price drop makes Panasonic TZ5K jump just outside the top 10
  • Two colors of the Panasonic TZ5 in the top 15 and the silver is a new entry in the Top 25! A new dynasty in the making?
  • Sony returns to the Top 25 (oh my, they were gone!)

    For the whole Top 25, as well as the Top 50 using a new format, be sure to check the latest top selling camera charts.

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