Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week in review (April 13 to 19, 2008)

It is Sunday again and time to recap the week that was here at 1001 Noisy Cameras. But before we do that, we also have a new experimental blog feature we will starting called "Big Monday". Every Monday we will have a new featured post that will typically be longer than our average post. This along with the Amazon top seller charts, and a couple of other "seasonal" posts will make it a ...Big Monday. On weeks where there will be new camera announcements on Mondays, it will become ...Super Tuesday!

New Digital Camera Announcements
The wireless Panasonic TZ50 became official this week. As the model name suggests, it is a derivative of the TZ5 but with wireless capabilities. The US version includes a free 12-month T-Mobile WiFi subscription, but do note that the subscription is only for the camera.

We also had a new hybrid camera/camcorder, and a waterproof at that, the Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA8.

New Blog Features
We had three new features this week, the first one being Donations, powered by Amazon's Honor system. This allows our readers to thank us for our work. We call them "donscriptions", voluntary donations in-lieu of a subscription.

With most of the new 2008 digital cameras trickling (or rushing) in, it is time to update our Noisy Buzz List. We decided on some of the cameras to be included, but to make this more interactive, our readers will be deciding some of the spots in the Noisy Buzz List! There are four DSLR slots and six fixed-lens digital camera slots to be filled. You vote, you decide! This is a multiple-answer poll, so you can vote for as many as you think are deserving "buzz-generating" cameras.

Apart from the Big Monday which will launch on Monday, we also started a new "sticky" Digital Camera Market Shopping News post that will track store news (eg B&H/Adorama closed for Holidays), on-going specials (eg Calumet's month long $15 off promotion), and of course some of the latest deals and specials. Some because there are hundreds of online stores out there and it's impossible to keep track of all of them.

Review Talk
Dpreview's review of the Nikon D3 was the impact review of the week. And it was a "duet review" as Phil and Simon combined to co-e-ink it. Find out what they found out and see some of the reactions to the review in the forum-sphere.

Another review of interest was the Olympus SP-570UZ getting the Gadget Lab examination. Find out what they found out!

Latest Buzz
The Nikon D3X name and picture size was "leaked" in the latest Nikon D3 firmware update. This along with a Sony ad targeting April 22 but revealing very little generated some mid-week buzz.

Digital Camera Market News
The new 2X Mark II MemoryStick has gone on sale in Japan this very weekend.

We posted a note to our readers to remind them of the holiday schedule of B&H Photo and Adorama as they have closed for Passover. The websites are accepting orders but they won't ship until they re-open.

Our on-going soap-opera-style feature that tracks the top sellers at Amazon continued with a new episode last Monday. This week we are planning a new update on Monday, and an experimental mid-week update on Thursday.

We also had the debut of Calumet Photo in our Top Seller Charts. Find out which DSLRs, lenses and memory cards are the most popular among Calumet shoppers.

And as always our Noisy Newsroom is updated multiple times throughout the day. Some of the latest stories include the start of the Pentax K20D review at TOP, and the start of the Sigma DP1 shootout at SeriousCompacts. These and more than 70 other story-links right here.

But wait, there's more!
A new edition of the Forum Digest feature was posted, trying to take the pulse of the photo-forum-sphere, this time looking at the dpreview forums.

A special edition of the Noisy Situation Room was posted to round-up mid-week happenings. We also had a shopping round-up, and an edition of Noisy at NiTe, a late-night round-up, where silliness is boosted to EV +2 :)

We'd like to thank all our readers participating in our Flickr group showcase. Our Flickr group is open for picture submissions which are featured on this blog, thanking our readers for their support by promoting their work. The pictures shown are randomly selected by the Flickr servers each time that page is loaded.

We also had an inside look at our blog posting process, revealing our super-efficient five-step process.

We encouraged our readers to subscribe to our RSS feed. And you can do that right here:  subscribing to our full-text RSS feed. It's FREE!

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