Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week in review (April 21 to 27, 2008)

Yes, it is Sunday again and we have the usual week-in-review rewind! Why read this blog every day, when you can read a week's worth of posts on Sunday? ;-)

Impromptu Special Feature
One thing lead to another, and a simple post mentioning that the Fuji F45fd is an amazing bargain at $105 after rebate at Ritz, became a wall to wall feature on the F45fd. The F45fd is a special edition of the Fuji F40fd, the 8mp "cousin" of the critically-acclaimed cult-like Fuji F30 and F31fd. The F31fd, along with a couple of other Fuji cameras are using the 6mp magic Super CCD sensor.

For more than you ever wanted to know about the F40fd/F45fd, be sure to check the F45fd special post. If the post title sounds familiar, it was inspired by the 2008 Album of the Year (in our opinion of course).

Juiceless rumors?
Two new full-frame Nikon DSLRs? The D3X and D10? That's what the latest buzz is in the dpreview forums. Check out our coverage and be sure to check the debut of the "Rumor Box Score"!

More on the rumors front, we had a round up of Canon 5D Mark II rumors, and yet another Canon vs Nikon Rumors edition. The big question, was the Canon Germany leak a big hoax?

New News
In addition to the constantly updated Noisy Newsroom, we launched a very lightweight Ten Stories Only sticky post. As the title suggests, it only includes ten of the most recent hot topics. If that's not enough, the Noisy Newsroom has 70+ story links at any given moment. Need more? Let us know and we'll add more :)

And we had one new camera from the majors to celebrate, Ricoh launched a tough-cookie shockproof dustproof industrial-strength camera, the rugged G600.

We had two editions of the Photography Soup this week, one on Wednesday and another one on Friday. Ideally we want to do these at least five teams a week, but that's not easy, which is why we launched the Noisy Newsroom and the Ten Stories only features, so you don't have to wait for the next edition!

Market news
The readers have spoken and we are going to officially make the Weekend Shopper a weekly post that gets posted on Friday, and gets updated through the weekend with new photography shopping temptations.

We also had a new installment of our recurring ad-tracker feature, where we look at the camera ads featured in print magazines. This time our victim was the May 2008 edition of Popular Photography.

Who are the top selling cameras and lenses at Calumet Photo? You can check their latest e-newsletter, or read our first Calumet Charts to find out. And don't forget, the $15 off special promotion through this blog ends on April 30, 2008, so if you are planning a $100+ purchase at Calumet, you can shave $15 off the total amount. Read on that, or the Weekend Shopper for all the details.

Because of the new wave of new 2008 models hitting the market, we have now increased the frequency of our Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts feature to twice per week. The current schedule has new updates on Mondays and Thursdays. While a stand-alone snapshot won't say much, if you follow these over a long period of time, you can see some very interesting patterns!

Earth Day Special
We had a "green day" on April 22, we created a giant Earth Day 2008 post with more than fifty individual story links! Be sure to check it out and get green! Chlorophyll not included ;-)

Big Mondays
It's not Monday yet but we have a teaser for the upcoming Big Monday features. The first Big Monday was the story of the Casio EX-F1 so far.

Relive the past
Did you miss last week's round up? Fear not, you can catch up with last week's news as well! And you can check all our weekly recaps by following the weekly rewind tag. This is a long list!

Coming Next Week
Apart from the next big Big Monday featured story mentioned above, and the regular features (Photography Soup, The Charts, etc), we are also planning a Mother's Day Gift Guide, a second attempt at adding a Reader's Choice feature in the Noisy Newsroom, and perhaps a ...River feature (not what you think!). These are just some of the stories, as you can see we average about 20+ posts per week! We also hope that we can catchup and update the Review Matrices and the SuperZoom Buyer's Guide. Especially if we can find days with 48 hours instead of 24 :)

Free subscription
You can stay in-touch with all our posts by subscribing to our full-text feed. More details in the RSS feed post.

We have also just joined Friendfeed. So if you want to follow all the 1001 noisy web 2.0 activity, be sure to check us out at Friendfeed.


Anonymous said...

Of course the German leak on the 5D MkII was a hoax. It had spelling mistakes!! Why are you still being agnostic about this?

1001 noisy cameras said...

We blog, you decide :)