Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week in review (April 6 to 12, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of our Week In Review here at 1001 Nosy Cameras :) To check the previous editions, be sure to click on the "weekly rewind" tag (label/category) at the bottom of this very post!

News of the Week
Amateur Photographer UK broke the news that Samsung is working on a new 35mm full frame CMOS sensor. This is a work in progress, so don't expect a full-frame 35mm Pentax or Samsung DSLR to be announced tomorrow :)

New Digital Cameras This Week
Nikon introduced a trio of new digital cameras, led by the 18X superzoom Coolpix P80. Nikon added manual exposure but did not include RAW, which is sad to see from a company that wants to portray itself as the top dog in the field. Also introduced were two shiny compacts, the S52 and S52c, the one with the small "c" offering wireless capabilities. These join more than 100 new digital cameras introduced in 2008. That's right, over 100, and we are only counting the major manufacturers!

Is it a hybrid, a bird, a camcorder or a camera? We do not know! But Sanyo has introduced the new Xacti VPC GC9 do-it-all do-nothing hybrid camera/camcorder. We do not know what sensor size it has, but given the nine megapixels, we are thinking it might be a new 9mp 1/2.5" sensor that has also found its way in the new Nikon Coolpix S52/S52c mentioned just above. More megapixels please? :) And what's up with the Xacti name? It sounds like an office supplies brand for pens or pencils :)

New Blog Features
We introduced a new blog feature this week, the Super Zoom Buyer's Guide. As with everything else in this blog, it is always a work in progress :) We added a number of models already, but there's more that will be added in the next few days! If you have any suggestions, just let us know!

Impacts Reviews
Imaging Resource posted an impact review, that of the Sony Alpha A350, which features a new 14mp CCD sensor. Sony Style estimates that it will start shipping it on 4/14/08.

Meanwhile Let's Go Digital posted their review of the big daddy of current DLSRs, the Canon 1Ds Mark III. Yes, that's the big 35mm full frame EOS DSLR that costs $8000.

Everything else
We posted a new edition of our weekly Amazon Top Seller Camera Charts. Since we are doing this on a weekly basis, there is movement in between updates, making it more exciting :)

We had two editions of the Photography Soup this week, one on Monday, and an express edtion on Friday.

For the avid shoppers out there, we have a new edition of the Weekend Shopper. But don't look for it in your Sunday paper, it's posted exclusively on this blog ;-)

We are also rotating the reader picture showcase post, powered by flickr. The pictures are automatically and randomly selected by the Flickr servers, so we can wash our hands of any editorial decisions :)

And you can always stay up to date with the latest happenings in the 1001 Noisy Newsroom, which continues to grow in size. A new high-tech category will be added next week, and more "sources" will be added as well.

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