Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The wireless Panasonic TZ50 is now official

Panasonic itself "leaked" the wireless TZ50 a month ago at PIE 2008 in Japan. Now the camera is officially official!

The TZ50 is a friend of the TZ5 and TZ4 which were announced in January 2008. The TZ50 had been added to our long list of all the new digital cameras of 2008. It is the 14th superzoom announced out of 100+ models from the major manufacturers. It is also the 19th camera that starts at 28mm or wider, making this The Year of Wide-Angle for compact fixed-lens cameras.

Meet the Panasonic TZ50
It's almost like meeting the Panasonic Tz5, but Wi-Fi capable. It has the standard 802.11 b/g wireless LAN connectivity, just like most laptops under $1000, and also promises to have access to T-Mobile's HotSpot. Each camera comes bundled with 12 months of free T-Mobile HotSpot service. Please note that this free service is only for the camera, not for your other devices :)

The other specs are as you can expect, 9mp effective pixels using a smaller area of the sensor, a 28-280mm equivalent (10X) MegaOIS optical zoom lens, SD/MMC, 3" LCD, LiIon, and such.

And of course features such as face detection, red-eye correction, scenes galore along with scene selector, continuous auto-focus, and intelligent exposure (as opposed to ???).

Sadly there is no PSAM or RAW, which we like to see as a minimum in every camera above $200.

Pre-ordering the Panasonic TZ50
The TZ50 is available for pre-ordering at Amazon for the starting price of $450. Amazon has an initial release date estimate of June 20, 2008. Currently only available in silver!

The Panasonic TZ50 page indeed confirms that, at least in the USA, the TZ50 is only available in "it-came-from-space" shiny silver.

Panasonic TZ50 on the net

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  • Reactions to the TZ50 should start trickling in the Panasonic dpreview forum, where there are already plenty of TZ5 discussions.

    The TZ50 has also been added as an entry in the under-development Super Zoom Buyer's Guide feature we launched last week.

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