Sunday, May 25, 2008

1001 Noisy Digital Cameras Mall Map

Details on the history of this mall at the bottom of the page!

What better time than the Memorial Day holiday weekend to introduce the brand new 1001 Noisy Cameras Mall! Yes, we have created our own virtual mall! We have created multiple exits and spacious walkaways for your convenience :) Please let us know what you think!

And here is a quick tour of the Virtual Noisy Mall, the left side features mostly traditional photography stores, starting with the big names in the industry. Be sure to note that we also have a Local Camera Shops shop that points to our "Support your Local Camera Shop Initiative" page, where 30+ local shops are listed. The right side of the mall features more high-tech stores that also carry photography equipment and other high tech electronics. Then you will find the boutique section with Sony Style, and the Adobe and Epson stores among others. Further down the mall, we find the computer section, with Dell, Lenovo, and Apple among others. So jump right in!

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