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Ad-tracker: Pop Photo (June 2008)

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These are the ads that caught our attention in the June edition of Popular Photography and Imaging.

Ad of the month: Casio EX F1
The most exciting ad in this issue in our opinion is the debut of the Casio EX F1 ad. The EX-F1 is a camera that is bubbling under, partially thanks to Casio's brilliant idea not to sell the camera online. Oh that internet shopping fad! We are sure it will never catch on :) For more on the EX-F1 be sure to check our seven posts on it so far.

The ad itself is, to quote Borat, "very nice". It uses a hummingbird example to showcase the (to quote David Pogue) "time machine" feature of the EX F1. It has a picture of the camera as well, but not a gadget-blog close-up type of a picture. They also point out the Full HD and HDMI aspects of the camera, although among hard core photographers this may be falling on deaf ears.

Other ads of interest
Sony has two single-page ads showcasing their DSLRs and Alpha line-up of lenses, Zeiss included of course. The HDNA logo is cutesy, but we find the logic behind it rather lacking. Sony also takes a two page ad to promote their "Digital Days", using lots of black ink for the background. The printers somewhere out there are crying :)

Nikon has two two-page Mentor Series ad, talking about their upcoming trip to Ireland, with Mark Alberhasky and Layne Kennedy being the workshop's instructors, and another trip to Egypt with Mark Edward Harris and Karen Kasmauski.

More from Nikon, the two-page motorcycle ad is used to showcase the Nikon D3. The yellow, black and white colors of the motorcycle match the Nikon logo, but we don't think this picture is a good match for the Nikon D3.

Olympus takes a full page to showcase the details captured by their E3 flagship, a photograph taken by visionary (Olympus visionary) John Isaac using the lovely 12-60 SWD lens. It also showcases the titling LCD feature of the E3. We think that this is a really good ad in trying to get the message across. Whether the E3 can actually deliver this is the topic of endless debates in the camera forums.

Sigma has their now usual one-page ads for the Sigma SD14 with that lovely lady's face eating up the page, and the Sigma DP1 ad which is probably missing an "a" from "Welcome to New Dimension". The whole tagline sounds like a computer-translated sentence, but perhaps not as exciting as "hand being off-center revision" :) Shiguma has two more individual ads for their lenses.

Tokina promotes their "all new" ATX116 PRO DX lens, a digital-only f2.8 wide-angle lens (11-16mm). You can bet that it will be featured in our Digital Only Lens series, when we get to Tokina in a few days.

Tamron doesn't want to be left out, so they have an ad showing their 28-300 Di VC lens, a head scratcher among some photographers, but I guess they perhaps wanted to take their changes with a different lens than everybody else.

We don't usually discuss accessory ads, but the obnoxiously red Sandisk Ducati memory card (16gb Extreme III) is worth noting.

And we close with a "Yikes!" Microsoft takes the inside back-cover ad to promote "Expression Media 2". I guess Steve Balmer must have eaten version 1.0 :)

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