Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ad Tracker: Ritz Summer 2008 catalog

While we do not want this to influence our on-going Noisy Buzz Poll Vote, we thought it would be fun to see which specific digital camera companies and models are featured in the latest Ritz/Wolf catalog, available in their stores nationwide, for free.

Nikon gets two pages, starting with the brand new D60, followed by the entry-level D40. The next page features the Nikon D80, a DSLR with staying power, along with the power duo of D3/D300.

Next it is Canon's turn, also getting two pages, starting with the D-Rebel XTi (400D) and the buzzworthy 40D. The next page feature the brand new D-Rebel XSi (450D), along with the 5D Mark I and 1D Mark III.

And if you are not a fan of CaNikon, prepare to cry. One page includes Sony (A200 and A350) which takes most of the page, along with Olympus (E510, E3) and a tiny corner for the Pentax duo of K20D and K200D. Ouch!

A few more DSLRs are featured in the "Ultra" section later on. UItra are usually bigger Ritz/Wolf stores that have a wider selection of equipment available.

Digital Cameras (not DSLRs)
The non-DSLR section is much larger obviously, and the biggest surprise is that Nikon rules, even though the likes of Canon and Sony have been historically selling a whole lot more compacts. Nikon starts the coverage, and has a catalog-high three pages of cameras.

Nikon coverage starts with the eco-friendly green version of the Nikon S52, and purchase of one of these makes Ritz/Wolf donate to a Carbon offsetting fund. (Many have tried to sell air, very few have succeed, but that's another story!) Also featured are the other colors of the S52, along with the wireless version (small c model), the previous model (S51), and one of Ashton Kutcher models, the Coolpix S550. Nikon page II has the lovely AA-powered duo of the P50 and P60, along with the new buzzworthy P80, and the wide-angle Kutcher'ed S600. The last Nikon page features the smaller cameras, such as the L18, L15, L11, and S210.

Canon's two pages feature the affordable A580 (we recommend to get the IS models instead, such as the A570-IS or A590-IS), the solid S5 IS (where is the replacement?), and the Princess (G9) with the Ugly Toad (A650-iS). Page II of Canon has the colorful SD-1100-IS, along with the A720-IS, and the Elph duo of SD850 and SD950. All apologies to fans of Ixus and Ixy cameras, we have lost track of their equivalent model names. One of the side-effects of having 100+ new cameras introduced so far in 2008!

Next we flip over to the Olympus page, which is of course powered by xD and panorama sadness. For those who may find it strange that Olympus is advertised in a Ritz/Wolf catalog, they have buried the hatchet a few months ago, and now Olympus cameras have returned. Oh the divas that made it happen :) The FE-series is featured prominently with the FE-310 and FE-340. Also there we find the tough-cookie Stylus 850-SW and the de-weatherproof'ed but bijou-fied Stylus 1010 (now with 7x optical zoom). Also there we find Olympus's new 20X superzoom, the lovely SP-570uz, with RAW and zoom ring.

Sony is next, with a full page, starting with the Cybershot W120, which perhaps may be the one that replaces the W55 as a mass market popular model. Another candidate for that segment is the S750. Despite the fact that Sony makes the sensors, both have "remained" at 7mp 1/2.5", not that that is necessarily a bad thing considering the current tiny sensor situation. The bijou segment of Cybershots is represented by the T300, the new flagship, and the T70, the more affordable option. Sony's superzooms are representing as well, with the flagship H50 (9mp, 15X), and the second generation fun zoom Cybershot H10.

Moving along we find Fuji, with the colorful Z20fd and the tape-delayed (for the USA market) Z100fd. The J50 leads the new value frontier, while the supernatural superserious Fuji F45d (without the $75 rebate) is also getting some glossy love. Also there the zoom duo of the S5700 (S700) and S1000fd. Sadly no sign of the S9000/S9100 or the big daddy S100fs.

Next up it's a page full of Casios, starting with the EX-S10, followed by a special bundle of the EX-Z77, and the new EX-Z80. But surprise surprise, the serial radiography connected copying sensation, the EX-F1 is also featured at the bottom of the page! (See noisy terms for an explanation of "serial radiography connected copying").

Samsung gets a page as well, featuring the affordable trio of S630, S73 and S830, along with the L200, which is one of the many new 2008 models using the new (dreaded by now?) 10mp 1/2.33" sensor.

Last but not least, Panasonic gets a page as well, with the LZ6 and LZ8 duo, along with the TZ4 and FZ18. What? No TZ5? No TZ5? No TZ5? Oh my!

But wait, there's one more! Further down the catalog, in the page for the "Ultra" stores we find a handful of DSLRs, and ... *drum roll* the Sigma DP1.

So these are the cameras that are getting some glossy love in the latest Ritz/Wolf catalog. We hope you enjoyed this ad-tracker buzz-catcher edition as much as we did :-)

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