Monday, May 5, 2008

The Ashton Kutcher Coolpix effect, Nikon D300 strikes back, and more (Amazon Top Seller Camera Charts)

Welcome to another edition of the Amazon Top Seller Digital Camera Charts snapshot-to-snapshot on-going soap-opera!

In today's edition, we see Ashton Kutcher's impact on the Coolpix cameras (thanks of course to a generous price cut), the Nikon D300 makes a glorious comeback after a price cut, a non-Canon makes the Top 10, and much more. See all the details in the new edition of the Camera Charts.

Top Stories
Three new entries in the Top 25, and two of them were the Nikon "Ashton Kutcher Coolpix" models. Obviously the main reason why they jumped was a price cut, both on the S600 and S550, but we rarely saw the Coolpix S-series in the Amazon Top 25, unless it was a clearance or super-low price special. So it appears, that despite all the jokes, Ashton Kutcher had perhaps managed to do what the cameras themselves were not able to: Get more people to buy them!

This is just another pie in the face of Canon, who now must actually consider the Coolpix S-series as a competitor. Assuming of course the momentum and popularity continues and that is a big IF.

Speaking of Nikon, the Nikon D300 is back, and now at $1719 it looks more tempting. But regardless of the price cut, it is quite fascinating that a $1700 camera is one of the top 25 best sellers.

More good news for the Nikon Bulls: The 18x superzoom P80 has started shipping and the buyers are buying! At the list price of $400, it is already just outside the Top 25, and we expect that when we do the next update on Thursday, it will have jumped into the Top 25! It could even threaten the Canon S5 IS for the [Top Zoom] tag! This also may have had adverse effects on the Olympus SP-570uz as it had a drop! The SP-570uz sells for around $430.

More Observations
The D-Rebel XT (350D) takes over as the [Top DSLR], in a rather interesting change of dynamic. Before the XSi (450D) was released, it was the XTi (400D) that was the most popular D-Rebel. But price adjustments (and Canon price hikes) have certainly changed the dynamics.

The Panasonic TZ5 bubble is burst. All three colors are now gone from the Top 25. Of course this has to do with the prices as well. Hot cakes at $275, so-and-so at $300.

It takes an $82 Kodak P&S with a 3x optical zoom lens to crack the Top 10. Canon owns all the other spots as usual.

Once again, no Sony Cybershot in the Top 25! While the Sony W55, in multiple colors, was very popular, Sony has yet to find a popular model at Amazon among its new wave of cameras.

On the Canon A-series front, we are gradually seeing a change of the guard, the A590-IS is trying to establish itself in the Top 10, while the A720-IS is starting to slip away. Meanwhile the A570 and A580 are in the top 50 but they are obviously not as desirable as the models with IS, which is what all three A-series models in the Top 25 have.


patrick said...

i've always thought of Kutcher as a one of the savvier folks in Hollywood...

1001 noisy cameras said...

Nikon got punked :-)