Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog Fun House: Having fun with gadgets!

While playing with Google Gadgets, and we stumbled upon the Trends gadget. What is that? It uses Google Trends to plot the popularity of up to five different terms using standard graphs.

After you enter the first search in the box below, you can adjust the time period for one month, one year, or maximum. You can also adjust this by country. The default is all countries. To change your search terms, click the "Edit" button.

Here are some fun queries to try. Cut and paste or type them in the gadget box below. The text in the parenthesis below are my comments, don't type those in, they'll mess up the results.

  • d90,d300x,d3x (look at the spikes!)
  • canon,nikon,pentax,olympus
  • HDR (ride the wave surfers!)
  • foveon (don't do it if you love Foveon! Hint: Avalanche!)
  • noise reduction (come on feel love the noise!)
  • 40D, D300
  • G10,LX3,GX120,DP1
  • DSLR,superzoom
  • D3, 5D
  • full frame
  • leica,zeiss,contax
  • coolpix,powershot,cybershot,lumix,finepix (the market has spoken, all those names have been deemed silly and unnecessary!)

Gadget follows. If you are reading this in an RSS reader or have turned off Javascript, you are not seeing the gadget. Visit the blog page, or look for it at the Google Gadgets page.

Did you find any fun camera/photography related queries? :)

And here is a tip, if you are thinking of starting a camera/photography blog, and you are not sure which topic to pick, consider the possibility of a motion to proceed on a motion to consider invoking cloture on the internal debate on whether to investigate the feasibility of writing about HDR :) You can thank us later with a 10% donation from your future billions in profits :)

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