Thursday, May 1, 2008

Canon 40D makes the Top 10 (Amazon Top Seller Charts)

We have a new update of the Amazon Top Seller Camera Charts saga. This is a snapshot to snapshot look at the best sellers list. Looking at an individual snapshot doesn't say much, but if you look at these for a period of time you can start seeing patterns (and stars) :)

Chart Talk Radio

  • Has the talk of Canon price increases on May 1st affected the market? We are seeing a jump across the board in Canon DSLRs! Could it be that people were buying ahead of the May 1st price jumps?
  • The Canon Powershot Elphs are playing music chairs with the #1 spot
  • Price jumps threw cold water in the face of the hot Panasonic TZ5 trio
  • Canon S5 IS holds on to [Top Zoom] despite the three-color assault from the Panasonic TZ5. Now if TZ5 came in only one color, the S5 IS would have a tough fight
  • Canon reseals the Top 10 once again (Nikon D40x drops as expected), while the Canon 40D slams into the Top 10 thanks to a favorably competitive price. Speaking of which, you can compare the Canon DSLR Prices in our new DSLR Price Charts snapshot.
  • A price increase in the silver edition, sends the black version of the SD1000 all the way up to #11. The market appears to be quite price sensitive, not that that should be a surprise.
  • Be sure to also check what is happening outside the Top 25, that's where the real action is. This time we have the Nikon D60 kit and the D40 2-lens kit moving on up, along with the Panasonic TZ4, and the Canon 40D w/EF28-135.
  • Have they stopped running the Ashton Kutcher Nikon Coolpix ads? The S600/S550 models are dropping ;-)
  • We are also introducing a new [Top Wide] tag that points to the highest ranked digital camera with a lens that starts at 28mm (35mm equivalent) or wider. DSLRs are not included in the category since they can take many lenses, and we already have a [Top DSLR] category.

    The next update will be posted on Monday May 5, 2008! If you have any feedback or suggestions on this feature, please let us know!

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