Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Canon 40Ds storm the Top 25, the Canon Instant Rebates rule! (Amazon Top Seller Charts)

Welcome to an exciting and dramatic episode of the Amazon Top Seller Digital Camera Charts. As we teased yesterday, the impact of the Canon Instant Rebates will be felt strongly in this edition!

If you don't want any spoilers, jump right ahead and read the new edition of the Top Seller Charts! Okay, last chance to avoid the spoilers, because right below we have a screenshot teaser of the new Top 25!

Opinionated Analysis
The first big sonic boom from the Instant Rebates comes in at #5, yes, #5, where the Canon 40D with the EF 28-135 lens, going for $1130 is indeed the fifth best selling digital camera at Amazon. Amazing! Market share, here we come!

We do have a new #1, as the Canon Elph (Ixus, Ixy) models continue to play musical chairs with the #1 spot. And the #1 spot is now occupied by an "old" camera. Old of course by digital camera standards.

But the reign of the Canon SD 1000 silver finish appears to be coming to an end, as it is not listed by any of the major 3rd parties or Amazon at the moment. The heirs are many and they will fight for the legacy, as the SD1100-IS is available in many different colors. But the black edition of the SD1000 is still holding on.

Canon once again has sealed the Top 10, with all Canon digital cameras. Infact the first non-Canon digital camera is at #16, the Sony Cybershot W120/B, which is Sony-speak for W120 black. This is good news for Sony as it manages to have a presence in the Top 25. As you may recall, a few months ago the W55 was a very popular camera among Amazon buyers, and despite its multiple colors, it had multiple colors in the Top 25. Can the W120 do the same thing? Only time (and buyers) will tell!

The second sonic boom of the Canon Instant Rebates makes noise at #11, where the Canon 40D body only storms in, selling for $954 via Amazon, and $940 at the reputable 3rd party retailers such as Adorama and J&R World.

The biggest jump in the Top 25 belongs to the Canon SD750-black, which goes from #25 to #11. Yet another Powershot day at the office!

Outside the Top 25
But the Canon 5D models did not idle either! The sharp price cuts have gotten them moving on up as well, but obviously their higher prices make it harder to move as many units as the 40D. The 5D body only has jumped back in the Top 100, all the way in the Top 50. It will be interesting to see where it ends up when we do the next update on Memorial Day! Meanwhile the bundle that includes the EF 24-105 f4 L-series IS USM lens has also made a jump at #53, going for the price of $2600.

So how are the Nikon DSLRs reacting to this? The Nikon D60 with the DX VR kit lens has managed to stay in the Top 25 at the $650 price level, while the D40 kit continues to slide as expected, with a relatively stable price around $480. But the most interesting reaction was that of the Nikon D300. Both the body only and the 18-200 DX VR units got hammered badly, so much so that neither one is in the Top 50 anymore. They are both in the Top 25 but falling. As you may recall, it was only a couple of weeks ago that the D300 with the 18-200 DX VR was in the Top 25, and the body-only edition has a Top 25 run as well. Of course prices and many other factors attribute to this, but is it a coincidence that the Canon Instant Rebates coincide with a Nikon D300 jumbo drop? After all, the 40D and 5D are assailing the D300 from both sides, one from underneath and another from above, and also offering the 35mm alternative for those who prefer 35mm full frame DSLRs. Even the Nikon D80 was affected, was both its Top 100 kits saw a drop.

The first non-Canon/non-Nikon DSLR in the Top 100 is found at #58, where the Olympus E510 two-lens kit is undaunted by the introduction of the E520 but it has price on its side as it is going for $620 via a 3rd party seller.

And what happened to the buzzing Panasonic TZ-series? They were buzzing all over the top 25, but their erratic behavior is a result of their prices and ultimately supply, as different stores have them in and out of stock at desirable prices. The TZ4K is just outside the Top 25, while the TZ5A (blue) has dropped big time as the sexy weekend price is gone, and it's only available from unknown 3rd party sellers.

Oh my? A sign of mortality? The Canon SD890-IS has been dropping like a rock. Not sure what the cause might be. Its current price is around $351, which is the least favorite price among the current lineup of old and new Canon Elph models.

Moving on up!
A $10 price drop has the silver Olympus Stylus 1030SW knocking on the Top 25 door. Olympus does not have a regular Top 25 performer these days, so if that were to happen, that would be good news for Olympus fans.

Nothing is more powerful than the truth, except in this case, a price cut. That can turn even the most boring camera into a top seller selling like hot cakes. We are not saying the Panasonic FX500 is a boring camera, far from it, but the drop from $400 to $350 has the camera buzzing like crazy, and currently at #32, with quite possibly a Top 25 run in it, assuming it can maintain the $350 price level while not running out of stock.

Moving in unison perhaps, the Sony Cybershots are launching at attack, as both the Sony S730 and the special pink outfit of the W120 are in the low 30s.

Small prices drops and even more Ashton Kutcher are pushing some of the Coolpixes up again. Will any of them make the Top 25 and break the Powershot monopoly?

Closing Comments
Hope you enjoyed this new edition of the Top 25+ best sellers. The next episode will be posted on Monday May 28, 2008!

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