Sunday, May 25, 2008

Canon 5D Mark II name leaked, book author does damage control!

We thought we'd sleep on this one, but we just can't, now that we finished messing up the blog's user interface.

5D Mark II Hunters in the dpreview forums have noticed a 5D Mark II Field Guide at Amazon, with a release date of November 10, 2008 and a price of $20. The author and publisher are the same as the ones for the 5D Mark I field guide, which you can buy now online or in a bookstore or camera shop.

The book is listed as having 304 pages and 300+ sample pictures. The 10-digit ISBN is 0470409509 and the 13-digit ISBN is 978-0470409503. Googling those ISBN numbers took us on a magical mystery tour on the net, where we found the page for this book at the publisher's site, Wiley & Sons.

Interestingly the Wiley page for the alleged 5DMk2 book notes 272 pages, while Amazon lists 304 pages. Comparing the number of pages of the "5D (Mark I) Field Guide" on Amazon and Wiley yields the same number, 283 pages. So we have a page number mystery as well!

Wiley will now be thrilled to have armies of 5D Mk2 fans hitting reload on his site every few milliseconds, hoping for new details about the book to emerge, and hoping that some of the details will reveal the specs. Or perhaps asking for evaluation copies. Please don't do that! We discourage you!

The Author speaks twice [UPDATED!]
The author of the "5D Field guide", Charlotte K. Lowrie, and alleged author of the allegedly upcoming 5D Mark II book covering the allegedly upcoming 5D Mark II DSLR has responded in the aforementioned dpreview thread, stating that the Amazon listing was an "error".

A new update in the dpreview forums by the author Charlotte Lowrie throws icy cold water on the 5D Mk II fire.

The Internets are buzzing
The excitement and anticipation over the 5D Mark II is building up like "insert musical reference" here :) After all, it's been almost three years since the announcement of 5D Mark I in August 2005.

Apart from the dpreview thread mentioned above, others discussing this development are TWIP (This Week In Photography), Photography Bay, Fred Miranda forums, Photography on the Net forums, and on and on and on.

Reading is fundamental
You see, books still have benefits :)


Jeff Revell said...

It's not all that unusual for authors to try and jump the gun by guessing the name of a new camera and proposing a book, especially when it is their bread and butter, such as is the case for Ms. Lowrie. Amazon is probably to blame though because they are notorious for posting book titles and dates that are completely fictitious.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Indeed both Amazon and the publisher Wiley are listing the book. It's also interesting that their page counts differ by 32.

If the page count difference was a bit smaller, marketing leakage conspiracy theorists could take that number to be a convoluted leak of the number of megapixels :) But 32 is a bit too much for the 5DMk2!