Monday, May 19, 2008

Canon Instant Rebate Impact: Canon 40D at $940

We have a price alert for you, the Canon Instant Rebates are starting to sink in, and we have the first dramatic impact of this, the Canon 40D body only has now gone down to $940 at Adorama and B&H Photo. Yes, nine hundred and forty, making it almost half the price of a Nikon D300. Oh my!

We are going to have a bigger post on the Canon Instant Rebates later this week. We are waiting for the dust to settle so we can get a clea[n/r]er picture. Oh so many bad puns in a single sentence :)

Likewise, the 40D kit with the EF 28-135 lens has also dropped in price, bringing it down to $1130 at B&H Photo and Adorama.

Those who remember last week's prices, this is essentially as Canon promised, a $200 price drop on the Canon 40D. The price is also reflected in other bundles sold by individual retailers, where they create their own bundle with lenses and accessories.

Did someone call this market share bait? Because it now puts the 40D under $1000, and $1000 is a psychological and symbolic barrier. This of course will also anger some Canon uses who just recently bought the 40D for $200 more, but remember camera fans, today's digital cameras are electronics with a steep depreciation curve, they are not money market or savings accounts.

This move also puts pressure on whatever Nikon is planning to release as the mythical "D90", as now the 40D is much closer in price to the "older" D80. Not to mention that it comes close to the D-Rebel XSi 450D as well.

This may also mean a shift in strategy for Canon, which usually goes for the high profit margins. This move seems to be heading in the opposite direction, with Nikon bathing in profit margins with the D300, and Canon perhaps deciding that the #1 market share title in Japan must be recaptured at all costs, and their very thin #1 spot in the global market must be defended and extended.

For more on the 40D, be sure to check our announcement coverage back in August 2007, and check for 40D reviews in the crowded DSLR Review Matrix, which as the name suggests, tries to pack as many DSLR reviews in a single page as it is HTML-ly possible. There you will find links to 40D reviews from dpreview, Imaging Resource,, DC Resource, Luminous, Bob Atkins, and many more!

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