Thursday, May 8, 2008

Canon non-DSLR Price Cuts, Panasonic TZ4 jumps (Amazon Top Seller Charts update)

A new edition of the Amazon top seller digital camera charts, a snapshot-to-snapshot camera opera has just been posted! Be sure to check today's brand new edition!

Opinionated Analysis
We have a new #1, the Powershots are playing musical chairs again! And we had three new entries as well, two from Canon and one from Panasonic. Read on for more!

Price Cuts once again rule the day, the Canon S5 IS is now under $300 and that means a jump to the #2 spot! And the lovely G9 is now down to $430, a drop of $20 and a move up to #6.

Price also helped the Panasonic TZ4K zoom past the three hot TZ5 models, and find itself right into the Top 20. A price of under $220 at reputable third party sellers certainly helped its cause.

The new Powershot A590-IS is showing staying power as it continues to remain in the Top 10. This is the first of the new Powershots of 2008 to "make it" in the top ten.

The "old" Digital Rebel XT (350D) continues to be the top DSLR, taking the crown away from the long-standing XTi (400D). This coincided with the release of the XSi (450D), but what made it happen where the recent DSLR system price adjustments (mostly increases) by Canon around May 1st. Quite interesting that the DSLR system prices have gone up, but the non-DSLR prices have gone down (see G9, S5 IS mentioned above).

All three of last week's Top 25 jumpers have slowed down or fallen in place. Momentum is not an easy thing to maintain.

The Canon SD790 IS, a new entry last week, continues to do well at it now jumps into the top 15 for its first very time. The SD790 is a non-wide-angle 10mp 1/2.33" 3x optical zoom Elph.

While the S550 crash-landed after its impressive new entry at #12 last time around, the wide-angle Coolpix S600 actually made a move on up! So this was a mixed bag for the Ashton Kutcher cameras. And yes, their price was adjusted upwards, which is what usually causes the movements.

Meanwhile Sony avoids further embarrassment as it manages to sneak in a camera back in the Top 25, the lovely looking sub-$200 Cybershot W120.

And speaking of affordable cameras, if there ever was a time for the Canon A4XX-series to become popular, it's the current economic environment. Despite the availability of the A580 and A560/A570-IS at super low prices, people are still going for even lower and chose A4xx. And this was a new entry at #25, the gray finish edition!

The move towards lower prices had another interesting effect, none of the $1000+ DSLRs remain in the Top 25, so the [Top Price] award goes to the ...Nikon D40 with the 18-55 DX kit lens.

We expected the Nikon P80 (18x superzoom) to make the Top 25 in this edition, but instead it is "waiting" at #30. The price remains at $400, no price cuts there yet.

Be sure to check today's brand new edition for all the details.


mrsfixit said...


I have to laugh at all those people who are coughing up $400+ for the G9...

I bought a Powershot A650 from amazon a few months back for $288.

It's basically the *same* camera.

Same sensor, same lens, same processor. Picture quality is identical.

But the 650 has a flip out LCD, and runs on AA batteries instead of a proprietary lithium ion one.

And now with the CHDK hack, I can shoot RAW too!

So there are no advantages to the G9- other than it's smaller size- that makes it worth almost $150 more than the 650, at least as far as I'm concerned.

I bet saying this over at the dpreview forums would start a flame war for sure! LOL ;-)

1001 noisy cameras said...

It is not a safe topic to post :) The G9-Army will definitely not take kindly to that :)

The battery power is a dramatic difference too. The G9 CIPA is around 250, while the A650-IS with new rechargeables is twice as much. Which is why we continue to call the G7/G9 GINOs, G-series in-name-only :)

mrsfixit said...

GINO... G In Name Only..

Doh! So *that's* what that stands for! LOL

No, it's not a safe topic at all. The G9 aficionados are a rabid bunch to be sure, and they do not take kindly to comparison- or criticism.

I just know for me the A650 IS was the better choice, because I can't live without that flip out LCD.

You're right about the battery life as well.

I can get up to 700 shots on a fresh set of batteries, and that's using flash about half the time.

I use Rayovac hybrids BTW- great batteries!

I really hate this trend towards proprietary batteries... not just because they are so expensive, which they are- but that you can run out of juice and not be able to use your camera. Dumb.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Very good points!

I understand using proprietary batteries if they can provide a noticeable or significant boost in battery life over the best AAs of their time, but if they are similar in power life or worse, then it's counter-productive!

Especially now that we have AA batteries that can retain their juice over time, the argument of the convenience of LiIon's is not as strong.

Ideally I would like to see more companies offer the user the choices where you can use either LiIon or AA/AAA. Ricoh is doing it with some of their cameras (allowing AAAs as backup), and a few others tried it in some models with AA (Kodak, Samsung, etc).