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Digital camera specials in the Sunday paper

We have a new experimental feature to appease our Noisy Shoppers! We will be taking a look at the Sunday paper and discussing the digital cameras advertised. If you are not interested in shopping and gadgetology, be sure to check our 100 most recent posts. If you don't find something you like, just tell us what you like and we'll write it just for you (within reason of course) :)

Table of Contents
1. Nikon 6-page glossy ad
2. Best Buy
3. Circuit City
4. Office Max
5. Adorama Email Paper
6. Camera P*rn in your RSS Paper (what???)
7. Google is Fast
8. Feedback

Nikon makes bold 6-page branding statement
Nikon makes a bold branding statement as they insert a glossy six-page tri-fold among the ink-leaking paper ads. Anti-fans of Ashton Kutcher will be thrilled to find out that he is not included. So it is safe to read your Sunday paper :)

Page one features the Coolpix S600 and positions it as a family camera as they show a pictures of a kid at a playground. They also mention that there is a one week only $50 instant savings off its regular price.

Page two features the new Nikon D60 and promotes the two lens kit. Next to that page we find a big dual view picture of the Nikon D40 (back and top view), and at the bottom of the page Nikon promotes 75 years of Nikkor lenses and the lovely D80 and D300. The back page also features the D40, with emphasis on the standard two-lens kit.

So Nikon evenly splits the six pages among DSLRs and Coolpixies, as the Coolpixes get a double-page, with the P80, P50, S52 and S550 featured, all Coolpixies of course. They should rename them to Coolshots if they want to compete with Sony Cybershots and Canon Powershots.

Ritz goes for Graduation Day
The Ritz four-page ad has a Graduation Day theme, promoting the eco-green edition of the Nikon S52 ($200) and the Nikon D60 kits ($800 for 2-lens kit) as graduation day gifts. They also give a nod to May being National Photo month. Apparently the people who name these things decided to call it "Photo Month" instead of "Photography Month" to make it more appealing to the general population?

Also of interest, the Canon A580 is at $150 with a $15 git card, but unless you have a specific reason for getting the A580, we highly recommend that you take a look at the A570-IS or A590-IS or the A720-IS, or any of the other A-series cameras with IS (image stabilization). The price difference is relatively small, which makes IS a bang for the buck feature!

If you are looking for a super-cheap camera, the Samsung S630 goes for $70 (seventy), no rebates. A camera that has been getting some attention recently is the Olympus FE-310, an entry-level P&S, offered for $130 which includes a bonus set of case, batteries and charger (AA). But you have to pay more for the xD memory cards - unless you already have a bunch of them. Even more colorful and definitely more adorable is the Fuji Z20fd, at $160, and this one takes xD and SD memory cards. Don't expect to find a SuperCCD inside though!

Ritz won't drop their prices but they sometimes offer gift cards to make up for it (I guess). So you can get the Sony W120 for $200 or the Canon SD1100-IS for $250, along with a free $20 gift card with each.

Likewise, the Nikon D40 kit is $500 (+ $50 gift card), and the Sony A350 with the 18-70 DT is $900 (+$50 gift card). No gift cards for the EOS fans, the Canon Digital Rebel XTi with 18-55 EF-S (not IS) is $580.

Best Buy is obsessed with exclusives
Apparently the bored marketing people at Best Buy corporate decided that offering exclusive colors of current products is a good way to bring people through the door. Well, let's see what (they claim) they have in exclusivity!

If you crave a cyan Panasonic FS5, BB is the place to get it, and it goes for $230. It does look adorable as bijoutronics, especially in this heatwave. What is "bijoutronics"? Electronics used as fashion accessories. We assume someone must have already come up with this term, if not, we'll add it to the 1001 Noisy Terms List.

Exclusivity is also claimed for a white version of the Casio EX-Z77 at $140 (review at Steve's Digicams), and a grey version of the Kodak V1273 at $255, which apparently none of the major review sites have yet to review.

Okay, enough with the exclusives, they also promote an expensive DSLR, the Canon 40D with teh EF 28-135 lens for $1300. Not sure if this price includes the Canon instant rebates that take effect today. We will have a post on the Canon Instant Rebates by mid-week, we are waiting for the dust to settle and the retail prices to be adjusted around the net.

Also featured is the Nikon D60. Meanwhile the Nikon P80 gets a retail discount, as it now goes for $370. Oh my! The super zoom price wars are heating up!

And speaking of which, the Sony H10 second generation fun zoom is new at $280 at Best Buy (their words, not mine). But be sure to read the reviews, such as this one at dpreview.

And we close the Best Buy segment with a temptation. No interest for 18 months for DSLRs $499 and up. Be sure to read the terms and conditions, and be sure to set up a system in place where you make the monthly payments, otherwise they will invalidate the special zero interest promotion.

Circuit City full of colorful bijoutronics
Not to be outdone by Best Buy, Circuit also features the Canon 40D in the same two kits and prices as Best Buy. Also featured is the Nikon D60 with the 18-55 DX VR lens for $700 or $900 for the two lens kit. What a coincidence, they are both advertising the same two DSLRs. I wonder why :)

If you like cute and colorful cameras, this Circuit City circular is paradise. The adorable Samsung L100 red is $130. But if red is too loud, you can really bling it with gold. Sad state of affairs or cameras for the fashionable crowd? We blog, you decide!

Other cutesies, pink Sony T70 at $250, multi-color Canon SD1110IS at $230, and red Casio EX S10 at $230 and that includes a bonus $25 iTunes card. Still trying to find a connection between those two :) Also, a camera that hasn't been getting as much attention, a camera that frees up potential users from the need to buy MemorySticks is the Sony T2, which has 4gb of memory inside it. And considering that this is a P&S camera, that may be more than enough for the average consumer or the casual user of this camera.

Oh dear, this post has turned into a railroad! Okay, quit whining! Moving along, the Sony W300, the 14 megapixel abomination, is down to $350 and on top of that you get a free Sony case. Well, you are going to need it because the extra megapixels are going to be leaking out of the camera :) Speaking of which, Image Sensors World has spotted the official Sony details on these new sensors.

And a couple of Canons before we go, the S5 IS which is waiting for replacement(s) is down to $330, and the Canon A590-IS is advertised at $170.

Memory cards are advertised throughout the two camera pages, and this includes a Sandisk 4gb Ultra II SDHC with an embedded memory card reader ($30, model SDSDRH004GA1), and a standard 4gb Sandisk SDHC for $25. If you are looking for xD or Memory Stick you typically have to multiply the prices by 1.5X or 2X.

You can find all the above, and lots more specials and non-specials at the Circuit City Weekly Ad.

OfficeMax cleans house
If you happen to be a fan of the Kodak Z712-IS, a 7mp 1/2.5", 12x IS superzoom, you are in luck, you can get it for $180, and as a bonus, Office Max (or Kodak) throw in a free Kodak Easyshare branded digital photo clock, a $30 value on its own. We presume that's list price. Ideal use for this bonus item? Office decoration! If you are not familiar with the Z712-IS, be sure to check its reviews online, such as DC Resource,, and Be sure to pay close attention to the reviews, there will be a quiz at the end of the month, and it will count for 40$ of your grade!

Another Kodak for a low price is the Easyshare V803, an 8mp 1/1.8" digital camera going for exactly $100 (one hundred). If you are not familiar with this "old" camera, check its reviews at DC Resource, Imaging Resource, and Trusted Reviews.

Don't expect flashy deals at Office Max, they instead concentrate on more office-like bread and butter type of cameras. If you are a fan of the "old" SD 750, the one with the 3" LCD, no OVF, and no stabilization, you can have it for $170. Take it, it's yours ;-)

Same comment as above on the A580, but if you want it, you can get it and a bonus 1gb SD memory card for $130. We recommend the A570-IS or A590-IS. We rarely recommend things, but we do in this case. Not that there is anything wrong with the A580, it's just that you get a lot more with the IS versions.

Office Max will be having Olympus Demo Days next Saturday, at least according to this ad. Check with your local store for details. And speaking of Oly, you can get the FE-320 (please don't ask me to memorize the FE-specs) for $140, and a 1gb Olympus xD card for $18. Oh Olympus, will you ever "discover" SD/MMC and panoramas? :)

If you are into bonus items, you can get the Sony W120 at $200 and a double bonus of a camera starter kit (looks like it may be from Sakar/Digital Concepts) and a Kodak Travel Photo Frame clock. The W120 is expected to be Sony's next mass-market superstar as it offers a tempting camera for the average consumer under $200. Now when is Sony going to wake up and offer dual SD/MMC support in addition to MemoryStick? Because we know Sony is not going to give up to MemoryStick, but if they want to take a shot at Canon for the #1 spot, offering SD/MMC support in addition to MS Pro Duo will certainly boost their chances. Stop being stubborn big wigs!

For more details, be sure to check the Office Max Deals of the Week page.

Adorama in your Sunday email paper
If you print your emails and glue them to your newspaper, you will find some deals of interest at Adorama this week, starting with a $100 special, the Canon A460, a bare essentials AA-based point and shoot at a nearly disposable price.

If the Leica name makes you tingle, then you might be interested in the C-Lux 2 bundle, on sale for $400. The bonus items in the bundle are a 2gb card, table top tripod and a photography starter guide.

If you like off-beat and off-the-beaten path lenses, you may be interested in the Phoenix 28-210mm f4.2-6.5 lens, in Nikon flavor, for $90 and free shipping. Don't expect VR or other luxuries :)

If you don't want to do the math, the above Phoenix lens is about 42-315mm in 35mm equivalent terms when used on a Nikon DX mount DSLR, which is all current Nikon and Fuji models, with the exception of the Nikon D3 of course. But please don't ask us to calculate PI :)

If we continue at this rate, we will have become the new Rudyard Kiplings ;-)

This in your Sunday Blog Paper
This one is not in the Sunday paper, but in your Sunday Blog Paper, if you are subscribed to the Camera Porn website. They are selling some of their gear, including a Nikon D300 (oh my?), Canon 30D, and a couple of lenses.

Damn, Google is fast
Before we even finished the post, we looked up the word bijoutronics on Google and the only reference we found was this very post! So it is officially a new word (I guess) and has been added to the 1001 Noisy Terms.

Please let us know what you think of this new experimental feature! It turned out much longer than anticipated, that's for sure :)

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