Saturday, May 10, 2008

Digital-only lenses, The Story So Far: Introduction

In this new multi-part series, we take a look at the state of digital-only lenses so far. Read on for more details.

Digital-only Lenses, The Story So Far: Table of Contents
Part I: Nikon DX lenses (11 total lenses)
Part II: Canon EF-S (8 total lenses)
Part III:Minolta-Sony-Alpha DT lenses (9 total lenses)
Part IV: Pentax DA K-mount (17 total lenses + Samsung clones)
Part V: Four Thirds (22 lenses from Olympus and Leica)
Part VI: Tamron and Tokina (7 Tamron, 6 Tokina)
Part VII: Sigma (14 lenses)
Part VIII: Micro Four Thirds (once they are announced)

By digital-only lenses we refer to lenses that are created for DSLRs and cannot be used on existing 35mm film SLRs. Note that digital refers to the cameras these lenses are designed for, not the lenses themselves :)

Thus with this definition we manage to side-step the whole issue of full frame vs non-FF. That of course is a very frequent discussion topic and the expected introduction of more 35mm full frame DSLRs at Photokina 2008 will certainly add fuel to the debate fires. But this is not what this post is about.

We will survey the landscape (oh what a predictable pun) of digital-only lenses, first by covering the traditional SLR manufacturers, and then covering the third party lens manufacturers.

For each lens, we'll try to feature one review, assuming of course we can find one, as lens reviews are nowhere near as frequent or popular as digital camera reviews.

This post will serve as the table of contents of the whole series, and as we add new parts, the TOC below will get updated with their links. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access to all its parts!

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