Thursday, May 15, 2008

Digital Rebel Revolution, Panasonic TZ4 jumps, and more (Amazon Top Seller Camera Charts)

Today is Thursday, and that means a new episode in the snapshot to snapshot camera-opera that is the Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts. If you don't want any spoilers, just jump right ahead to the Thursday May 15 edition!

Here is our screenshot teaser, showing a ...Rebolution taking place ;-)

Top Developments
A massive $70 price drop makes the Canon Digital Rebel XTi with kit lens, black finish, the biggest mover in the Top 25. Now the XTi 400D is down to its more common price of around $580. Not sure what was going on there for a few days. But it seems they have now pressed Undo :) Perhaps they are jealous of the leaked Digital Rebel XS 1000D name?

Prices and availability makes the Panasonic TZ5/TZ4 look erratically wacky as they jump all over the place, depending on where they are in-stock and how much they sell for. The forces of supply and no supply at play. Not highly recommended for Economics 101 students :)

Sony is saved by the bell again, this time the Cybershot W120/B makes a big jump into the Top 25 and gives them a token camera in a Canon-dominated chart. Come on Sony fans, buy more :)

One new entry in this edition, but also six re-entries re-visit the Top 25 best sellers. And what is the new entry? It's a Nikon DSLR! Which model and lens combination? Well, well, well, you have to read on to find out!. And if you guessed that there was a back to back price cut to get this done, you are right!

More Observations
It was good while it lasted, the Nikon D300 with 18-200 DX VR stayed in the Top 25 for just one edition, but that alone was an impressive feat considering this is a $2250 kit. But it didn't drop that far out, it is currently at #30, and probably a price cut short of another Top 25 run.

Ashton Kutcher has been unable to carry the Easy Coolpixies back into the Top 25. But in order to do it, he needs help from the dollar guys (read: price cuts).

The Olympus SP-570uz is starting to show signs that it may be trying to weather the storm of the initial push of the release of the Nikon P80. Neither one will have a chance when Canon releases their new superzooms, whether it's at Photokina 2008 or earlier. Speaking of which, we added a countdown clock in our Photokina chaotic rumoralia page. We are about 130 days until the start of the famous Koln trade show!

The momentum of the Sony Alpha A300 two-lens kit at $800 stopped in the Top 40, and it has fallen down since. Amazon continues to be a CaNikon-world DSLR-wise, considering the first non-CaNikon DSLR is the Olympus E410 two-lens kit at #67 for $630.

There is a vast army of Sony W120 models in ten million colors amassing at the bottom of the Top 100 :)

For all the Top 100 updates, be sure to visit the Thursday May 15 edition! If you are addicted to this camera-soap-opera, come back next Monday for a new update!

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