Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Discover new sites and blogs: Friendfeed World

In this special edition of Discover New Sites and Blogs we are "discovering" new websites and blogs using Friendfeed. You can also follow 1001 noisy cameras on Friendfeed.

Fine, but what is friendfeed you ask? It is a place where you can aggregate your online activities for friends to follow. You can create a timeline that shows your new blog posts, flickr, smugmug, picasa, digg, Twitter, YouTube, and 30+ other Web and Web 2.0 flavored activities. In their own words (about page).

We divide this edition in two camps, Photography and Equipment. The first one being photography-priority, the second one being equipment-priority. It's not always a clear distinction, but we had to pick a side. And you know where we stand! :)

Photography Priority
Online arts and culture magazine Cult Case has an interesting round-up of x-ray photography as art, spotlighting half a dozen different photographers who work in this medium. Be sure to "discover" the websites of those photographers if this is an area of interest.

And how about a guide for computer geeks who want to transition (downgrade?) to becoming digital artists? BernieCode has a beginner's guide.

Pioneer Woman Photography is an excellent photography blog. And being a pioneer, she found a way to get 3700+ comments on just one of her posts! What is her secret? Offer a $500 B&H Photo gift card. What's even more impressive is that all these happened in just 11 hours. That's an average of 340 comments per hour! Oh my!

Just Creative Design has scoured Deviant Art and found a boatload of creative photographs. Which one is your favorite? Is it the stapled apples? :) Note: This page is full of pictures so it may take a while to load on slower connections.

Thomas Hawk makes a case for Pic Lens as a great way to brows photography on the net. Discussion at flickr.

Brooklyn photographer Bill Wadman has a new blog, On Taking Pictures, with lots of pictures and lots of text too. He is the man behind 365 portraits as well.

The 10e20 blog is suggesting 21 ways to shoot better photographs.

And we close with some funny family photography. Key word: illusions!

Equipment Priority
If your interests intersect at the junction of EOS and Flash, then perhaps you may find the following articles very interesting: EOS Flash photography at PhotoNotes. EOS of course being Canon EOS. Some Nikon users don't seem to recall what EOS is :)

PC World has picked the 11 best ultra compact cameras in their opinion. What was their methodology? Monkeys throwing darts or picking them out of a hat? :)

The New York Times surrender to Canon. That sounds like a line from the Colbert Repor(t) :)

Can't get enough of CHDK? Here's where Slashdot is linking to CHDK-wise.

Don't Taze Me Bro! And don't shoot me twice! Cameras on guns? More via Lifehacker.

Check out the previous editions
You can also check previous episodes of "Discover New Sites and Blogs. The sites may be new to you, or new to me, they could be 10 days old or 10 years old.

The next episode will be posted mid-week next week, so if you have any websites or blogs to suggest, be sure to let us know! Check the "contact via email" link under "About" in the top right corner of this chaotic blog.

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