Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Discover new sites and blogs (Web 2.0 fortified edition)

Discover New Sites and Blogs is a regular feature that features websites that may be new to you or new to me. The sites themselves may be ten years old or ten days old! The photoblogosphere is huge, and it's just physically impossible for one person to discover all the great sites out there!

This is a Web2.0-fortified edition, so each blog will be receiving some Web 2.0-ification as well. If you are not interested in Web 2.0, simply ignore the last sentence of each paragraph because it may not make much sense. Not that the rest of this blog does :)

We would like to thank David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk for this, as we visit and discover Pro Photo Life, a blog by professional photographer Jim Talkington. And if you like video tutorials, be sure to check the video tutorials library, which includes a tour of their studio along with DIY tips and ideas in video and in text format, and in e-book format too. If you like it, Stumble Upon it!

We love the minimalist and command-line priority format and style of this next site, Non Photography, a no-rules approach to street photography, an approach that became a book, and thus, created a tear in the fabric of the universe :) The non-photographer-author also publishes a more traditional blog and likes Pink Floyd and REM. Have you reddit?

What are radiopoppers? How can they help you? How helpful are they? The next blog has the answer in their Radiopoppers review. And which blog is that? A wedding photographer's blog loaded with pictures, Dream Time Images. Do you digg it?

This is the perfect timing for the next blog, with Photokina 2008 just around the corner (120+ corners), it is time for *drum roll* Nikon Rumors. They track every single Nikon-related rumor out there, ideal for Nikon fan-addicts! Will it be D4, D3X, D3H, D30, D10, D90? It's only 120+ days to Photokina 2008 :) Aren't all these rumors del.ic.ious?

We finish this edition with a non-photography blog, but we think it might be of general high tech interest, I, Cringely, a PBS technology blog, written by Robert X Cringely. While not frequently updated, when it does have new material, both the posts and the reader comments make for interesting reads. If you don't like the popular high tech gadget blogs, then you may love the "I, Cringely" blog. Will you Mixx it in your reading list?

If you have a website or blog to nominate, just let us know. It could be your own site or blog, or one of your favorites. For all previous episodes in this series, be sure to check the Discover New Sites tag or "discover" them from the list below:

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