Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Discover new sites and blogs (Web 2.0 fortified edition)

Welcome to a new edition of "Discover New sites and blogs" - the sites may be new to you, or new to me, and they could be ten years old or ten days old. This is a Web 2.0 fortified edition, so each paragraph ends with a Web 2.0 recommendation. If you are not interested in Web 2.0, just ignore it :) We have seven sites today, here we go...

What do you do with old cameras and lenses that have stopped working and have surpassed their useful life? One photographer came up with a very creative way to re:use them. Turn them into high-tech jewelery! That's what Australian professional photographer Craig Arnold is doing with his re:vision collection. Stumble Upon It!

If you are interesting in learning how to take advantage of MTF charts, how to utilize and benefit from custom tone curves, be sure to check Fotogenic, a clear and concise photography blog! P-Vote it!

Didn't you just wish there was a website that specialized on Camera Books and was in Oregon and shipped internationally? Well, it just happens that the next website to discover does just that! Meet! With book names being yet another source of leaks, it pays to know your books :) If you are a book worm, aren't books

We should probably do a camera book primer as a reference guide for the rumor hunters! More on that later in June! ;-)

Want to discover dozens and dozens of new websites at a time? Be sure to visit the links page at The first two sets of links cover photographers and sites mainly from Finland and Scandinavia, and the next set of links feature english-speaking websites and blogs, including this Noisy blog. Thanks :) Stumble Upon It.

Sometimes we take things way too seriously in the world of high tech. So sit back and have a laugh or two, courtesy of this next site, which includes therapy for 1D mark III users, Nikon D90 specs revealed, new sensor technologies, and a lot more at Mixx it up!

Dreams, dreams, dreams, what do you dream about? No, we won't analyze your dreams, but the next blog will, providing your dreams are about photography. The blog? ADIDAP, all day I dream about photography. Del.ic.ious?

More from ADIDAP, the digg blockbuster post at Epic Edits, 7 Bad Habits of Digital Photographers. Do you have any of those habits? How do you kick the habit?

And we conclude with a non-camera tech site. If you are tired of all the hype about the iPods, you are not alone! This blog focuses on portable music players that are anything but iPod. And there's a lot of them vying for the market share not eaten up by Apple. MP3 players can also be helpful photographer tools, you can use them as emergency backup devices, record short or long voice memos, load them with photography podcasts, etc, etc, etc. Reddit! Reddit!

If you missed any of our previous posts, be sure to catch up with Discover New Sites and Blogs.

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