Monday, May 26, 2008

Dpreview XSi review bump, TZ5 jumps over the Canon superzooms, Instant Rebates have staying power (new Amazon Charts!)

Welcome to a new edition of the on-going Amazon Top Selling digital camera charts snapshot-to-snapshot soap-opera! We have some excitement today as well, with dramatic moves, review bumps and lots more. If you don't want any spoilers, be sure to read the new top selling chart right now!

And now to the spoilers! If you don't want to be spoiled, jump now! We start with the screenshot teaser right below.

dpreview review bump: The Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D got the expected dpreview review bump, as it has now jumped forcefully into the top ten for the first time! Dpreview posted their 35-page review of the XSi 450D three days ago.

TZ-series power play: As we mentioned yesterday, the favorable price of the TZ5K created a feeding frenzy, just like it did last weekend when the TZ5A stormed the top ten. The TZ5K has indeed jumped over the Canon S5 IS, who has been the on-going [Top Zoom] champion, and it's just three spots behind the SD870-IS for the [Top Wide] tag.

But it's not just the TZ5K, the TZ5S (silver) is also selling at $270, and that has generated a jump into the top 15, just barely passing over the SX100-IS, and the TZ-series now has a 2-0 victory over the two long standing Canon superzooms. This puts two TZ5 colors in the top 15! But this was fueled by a feeding frenzy of a nice low price. Can the TZ-series sustain both their supply and demand going forward?

Canon Instant Rebates Have Staying Power: Quite amazingly, both Canon 40D kits were able to hold on, and continue to do well, despite the hefty prices of $1140 and $950. Even more impressive is that the EF 28-135 lens 40D bundle is ranked higher than the body only. Perhaps because Amazon sells the body only for $14 more than B&H, Adorama and J&R World? To badly paraphrase the old baseball saying, "if you discount it, they will come!"

The Nikon DSLRs react: In the land of the Canons and the Instant Rebates, the Nikon D60 kit is able to hold on in the top 25, while strategically adjusting its price downward penny by penny. Meanwhile the D300 body only is now under $1700 at Amazon, and that has given it a boost jumping to #41.

Why is the silver Canon SD1000 at $300? Because some 3rd party retailers have caught wind of the Fuji F31fd phenomenon, so now they think they can hit the next jackpot, so every time a camera runs out of stock at the major chains, they jack up the prices of their remaining stock. So the silver SD1000 went from under $200, to $300+. This of course is a very silly practice, since you can get the black edition for $170, or you can get any of the countless other Elph models. The SD1000 is no Fuji F31fd! Come on now!

Ashton Kutcher is dating the discounts: More small discounts on the Coolpixes are shifting them up again, and combined with the Ashton Kutcher marketing campaign, it has two of the Coolpixies (S600, S550) knocking on the top 25 door again at #26 and #27. Ashton Kutcher fans, you know what to do!

Slowly but steadily: The Fuji S1000fd, despite the lack of IS or sensor anti-shake stabilization, is slowly but steadily moving on up. It doesn't have a SuperCCD either, but it is a new model and it has the marketing-friendly double-digit megapixels and it looks good as a superzoom.

Pentax Gear Up Rebates Boost! Canon was not the only one with rebates. The new Pentax Gear Up Rebates have given a strong boost to the K200D with the 18-55 DA lens. Alone, or combined with other lenses and gear (flash, grip), this puts the K200D in a similar position of the old K100D, giving Pentax a bang for the buck 2008 model year DSLR. But that's not just the K200D, the K20d body only has made a re-entry towards the bottom of the Top 100 as well. The universal law of camera buying once again holds true, discount = purchases!

We are not ignoring other DSLR brands: The reason we are talking about Canon and Nikon most of the time is because there are very few non-Canon/Nikon DSLR brands in the Top 100, and those that are in the Top 100, they are usually struggling towards the bottom.

Quick Notes
The Olympus FE-310 begs people to buy it. The price is almost $100 after all ($110 right now). But there is a higher price embedded in the Olympus cameras, the price of xD memory cards, and the shock of newcomers when they are told they have to buy Olympus branded xD cards if they want panoramas. Oh Oly, will you ever learn?

A couple of black finish Stylus SW are showing some momentum, the 1030SW and the 850SW have been moving on up during the last couple of updates we did. Can they break out like the 750SW did a few months ago?

Do we have a Canon failure? The SD890-IS costs more than the other Elphs, which is perhaps why it's struggling mightily compared to what the other Elphs are doing. Of course we are speaking in relative terms here, but the last Canon "failure" was the ill-conceived Powershot TX1, which was intended as a "fun zoom" hybrid competitor to the TZ-series and others hybrids by the camcorder makers and Sanyo.

The new Sony H50 superzoom gets its first price drop to $380. Will that be enough to propel it into the Top 50? The superzoom market is congested and competitive, with old and new models mixed in, and it's not easy for new models to break out. The Olympus SP570uz, Nikon P80 and Fuji S8100fd are all trying to find a way up at the moment.


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