Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fight the Recession with these bargains! (Noisy Shopper)

Welcome to a recession-proof edition of the Noisy Shopper. In this edition we are only spotlighting super-bang-for-the-buck specials, assuming of course you are interested in these :)

Nikon P50, starts at 28mm...
The Nikon P50 has been called a "poor man's P5x00", and its price does not disagree, it goes for about half, which makes it a bargain at around $130 at Amazon. It even starts at 28mm wide, which makes it one of the lowest price wide-angle point and shoots. It even has an OVF (optical viewfinder) and takes AA-batteries so there's no need to buy extra batteries if you already have rechargeable AAs.

But as always if you are not very familiar with a particular camera, be sure to check professional and user reviews and such. None of the cameras out there are perfect, and they all have lists of trade-offs. Among the reviews out, the P50 got tested by Richard Butler at dpreview, Photography Blog, and Pop Photo, among at least a dozen.

Club the recession over the head...
Club the recession over the head with this $10 Kodak 68" monopod ;-) The price makes it a good backup or carry around monopod, for example take it in places where you don't want to risk your favorite monopod(s) or tripod(s). Not to mention that you can pretend you are Gandalf by using it as a Staff/Walking-Stick ;-)

DSLR + superzoom = $700....
You can't beat that if that is exactly what you are looking for and you don't want to pay more than $700. B&H Photo has the "old" Sony A100 with the 18-200 lens together for $700. The A100 was Sony's first Alpha-mount DSLR since they bought Minolta of Konica-Minolta fame.

The A100 has not been added to the DSLR Review Matrix yet, but a quick google search reveals a number of reviews, including Phil Askey at dpreview, DC Resource, Imaging Resource, and many more. Google is your friend :)

The Sony 18-200 lens has reviews from actual users at, and also at The SLRGear review includes graphs on vignetting, chromatic aberration, distortion, and such. Note that the graphs require Flash if you want to look at them at full size. SLRGear is IR's spinoff website that focuses (no pun intended) on everything-but-DSLRs, thus the name :) A more detailed Google/forum search will surely reveal more information about this lens.

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