Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Forum Digest Express (Dollars, Cameras and Sense)

Welcome to a new express edition of the forum digest. What's the difference between an "express" and "regular" edition? Express tries to stay within ten posts or less, which is harder for us to do since we tend to fill up the pages with ...noise :)

Have a soft spot for the Leica brand and are curious how the new Leicasonic 14-150mm Four Thirds lens is doing? Head on over to the Oly forum at dpreview and see many samples pictures from a veteran forum user (almost 2800 posts).

The latest dollars and sense updates from the manufacturers are subject to heavy debate. Read about Olympus in the News forum, and Pentax at the same place.

We've already covered many of the Sigma DP1 post-review discussions in our impact review coverage, but there's at least one new(er) hot thread by the Defenders of the Foveon.

Leicaphonics are continuing to slowly but steadily think, talk and dream of the mythical, magical and mystical Leica R10 DSLR. Please note that the R-series is Leica's SLR line, not to be confused with the M-series, which is the rangefinders. You have to reverse the mnemonic in this case, R is not for Rangefinders, it is for SLR.

People interested in the Ricoh R8 may find of interest an on-going review and discussion by Ricoh users and fans.

Four more threads to go before the Express quota is used up, what to pick, what to pick? How about a discussion on the present and future of the Panasonic FZ18? The Fz18 is Panasonic's first hyper zoom, jumping from 12X to 18X. Currently going for $300 at Amazon.

Okay, enough technobabble for a moment, how about some actual pictures? For that, enjoy the weekly wildlife, a weekly picture thread, courtesy of the Sony Minolta Alpha photographers.

OMG! Oh no you didn't! A whole post and you didn't even mention Canon and Nikon once? How dare you!!! Okay, here's a thread from each camp, a hot debate on why Ken Rockwell favors the 5D over the D3 (how dare he?), and wild speculation on the price of a potential 5D Mark II. Put on your pricing hats, what will it be you think?

Why does Ken Rockwell favor the 5D over the D3? Well you have to read his post to find out. Our speculation? 5 > 3 :)

The current Canon 5D Mark I goes for $1900 at Amazon, Adorama and B&H Photo, and if that is a surprise to those not following the prices closely, this is a recent development. More specifically this happened after the Canon Instant Rebates went into effect last Sunday (May 18). The Canon Instant Rebates are in effect until late July. This is for the USA market, we are not familiar at the moment with the special promotions in other markets.

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