Friday, May 16, 2008

Forum Digest (Overheard in the dpreview forums)

In this edition of the Forum Digest, we take a look at some of the buzzing discussion threads in the busy dpreview forums!

Future Talk
Where is the digital camera market heading? Will it be a Canon/Nikon duopoly? Are some of the electronics giants going to be able to make a dent?

Nikon fans are making a case why a Nikon D90 is needed. The D90 is a fictitious camera at the moment, which is projected to be a follow-up to the Nikon D80, and slot in-between the D80 and the D200/D300.

Meanwhile, the prospect of a Nikon D3x, a fictitious at the moment 35mm full frame flagship DSLR from Nikon that competes with the Canon 1Ds series is a hot discussion topic.

Staying with Nikon, their recent financial statements have generated some debate among Nikonians as they seem to be focusing (no pun intended) more on profits than market share and the Crusade Against Canon!

And what about the Canon 5D Mark II? It's easy to design cameras on paper, this thread dreams about 21mp sensors and more.

The Nikon D300 is the subject of this drama.

It wouldn't be a forum digest if we didn't have a full frame thread. This time approached from a Pentaxian perspective.

How much of the noise about noise productive?

It's not over! Episode #412495 of the Canon 1D Mark III autofocus issues saga is here ;-)

Watercooler Talk
How many Four Thirds fans are interested in the newly announced Olympus E520 mid-range DSLR?

Would you do a free wedding? Weddings may be many things, free is not one of them :)

The Canonites decide on the 5D and its body. What happened to self-determination? How about the rights of cameras? :)

Roses are thorny, and RAW is not a bed of roses is the topic of this discussion.

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