Friday, May 9, 2008

Forum Digest (Touring edition)

Today we are trying a new variation of our regular Forum Digest feature. We will be taking a tour of different forums, and posting one story of interest from each forum we visit. Thus the "touring edition". Spoilers included!

One of the long-standing bubbling-under threads at dpreview has finally closed: Waiting for the Sony R1 successor. The thread closed not because there is a successor, but because it has reached the 150 message limit :(

The Serious Compacts flickr forum is discussing new Canon possibilities, specifically the new Canon CMOS sensors for compacts, and G-series follow-ups. And what else does Canon have in store for us? Canon knows, who else does?

What cameras are recommended for travelers? This DC Resource thread tackles that question. We never leave home without our Hello Kitty QVGA QRT-449Uz!

Shop victoriously and be sure to do your homework. This thread at Photography Review discusses a certain non-musical retailer ;-)

This tourist insists that this post is a must read for Canon Powershot owners. Thread at Imaging Resource's Photo Forums. Want a hint? Four letters, C, H, D, K!

Do you think the Sigma DP1 is not getting enough talk or enough respect? Well, you can jump into the DP1 discussion at the small sensor cameras forum at GetDPI. This is a long discussion, so be sure to brew a cup of tea or coffee before you get started. Preferably decaf if you have a strong opinion on the DP1 :)

Trying to decide which DSLR to get? Not quite sure yet? Is the Canon 40D one of the options in your short list? Follow the journey of this Camera Labs user as he orbits Planet Canon 40D.

Want to practice your German language skills or learn how to read computer-translated German? Check what the DSLR Forum ( users are saying about the Panasonic TZ5 and TZ4 power duo.

Missed or want to reload on Canon 5D Mark II rumors? Be sure to check this rumoralia thread at Digital Grin (dgrin).

Picture-Priority Threads
Okay enough techno-babble talk! How about some pictures? Well, here is a boat load of pictures, the weekly assignment at Fred Miranda's forums.

Here is a blast from the past in early photo submissions by members of the DSL Reports DI forum. Note this is DSL-Reports, not DSLR-Reports :)

Take a look at the photo of the week picks at the Photography Blog forums.

And we finish with the grand-daddy of all forums, or at least a shadow of what it was, yes, Usenet, now "cared for" by Googs. So play the game that's taking the nation by storm in, is it real or is it CGI?

If we forgot to mention any of your favorite forums, just let us know, and we'll feature them in the next installment of the Touring Edition.

Want more? Be sure to check some of our previous posts that include forum coverage using the forum category, aka label, aka tag.

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