Friday, May 2, 2008

Impact review: Sigma DP1 at Imaging Resource

Yes, Foveon-Sigma fans, there is an impact review for you to digest today, Imaging Resource has posted their Sigma DP1 review!

As always we won't spoil the results, but we will point out that the Cons column is twice as long as the Pros column. But don't let that affect you, because that is not a weighted pros/cons list. For a example a number of small issues may pile up the Cons, but if a camera has very strong pros (oh let's stay sensor or lens) then a lot can be forgiven. Cue Metallica's "Unforgiven" :) With that in mind, enjoy the review :)

For our complete Sigma DP1 mania coverage here at 1001 Noisy, be sure to check the DP1 mania tag. And for more more, be sure to check the on-going shootout at SeriousCompacts, where the DP1 competes with pancakes and 5D-cakes :)

But wait there may be more!
The Sigma founder himself told Amateur Photographer UK that two more Sigma DP models may be coming up, the DP2 and DP3, and one possibly with a zoom lens. Now this is not some random marketing guy talking, he is the Sigma founder. But as always, a product is not a product unless it is officially announced and hopefully delivered too. As you may recall a certain other CEO got in trouble for talking about future-camera-club ;-)

Reactions to the review
The main IR review discussion happens in this thread, with 25+ posts as of the time of writing. More coming up for sure.

In the same forum you will also find a discussion of the Shutterbug review of the Sigma DP1.

For further reactions and discussions of the DP1, past, present and future, be sure to check the dpreview Sigma Talk forum. The forum with the three color pixels ;-)

How about the home site of the review? There is no Sigma forum at IR, but there is a small discussion starting up in the "Others" forum. Not talking about LOST's Others, but of course Other Manufacturers.

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