Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LOST preserves the Timeline, uses Nikon D100!

When the worlds of TV and actual digital cameras intersect, we usually don't get technically accurate portrayals of digital cameras. But that was not the case with the TV show LOST. In a recent episode, Ben Linus, who I thought was more of an Olympus OM film or Canon DSLR type of guy, was using a Nikon D100. A Nikon D100 you ask?

Exactly! LOST apparently went through the trouble to looking at what digital cameras were available in 2005, which is the year that particular scene was taking place. And the choice of the Nikon D100 was a reasonable one, as the D100 come out at the 2002 PMA, and had a long shelf life until it was later replaced by the D200, announced in November 2005.

Let's face it, most TV shows would have just picked up the first DSLR they run into and used it, regardless of whether it existed in 2005, or it was a good fit for the task at hand.

But we were certainly not the only ones who noticed this, Engadget has a screenshot of the moment, and so did the Nikonians at dpreview, among others.

You can watch that episode for free at the ABC website or you can check the On-Demand feature of your cable box under ABC.


Ryan Brenizer said...

He was also using an 80-400 VR lens, which would actually be the perfect lens for his assignment, give him the FoV the episode showed, and was available at the time. Good work, Lost.

I wonder if it was the same 80-400 Veronica Mars used to use. ;-)

1001 noisy cameras said...

Great point! It looks like they thought it through and through!

Perhaps they are both using the same "Lens Rental for TV Shows" service :)