Thursday, May 29, 2008

The "More" Poll

This is the "More" poll, where you vote on what you want to see more of. It is a multi-answer poll, so you can vote for one, or two or three or more items that you like. There is also the "Other" option where you can write-in what you want to see.

We haven't had a poll in a while, the last one was the Decide the next Big Monday feature, where you, the readers, decided on a 50% majority on a photography shows on TV post for May 2008. That was a good thing, because we didn't have to get the super-blogging-delegates and the recounters involved :)

With Photokina 2008 four months away, there is still some calm before the storm which allows us to post more content that is not "market-driven". The vast majority of the 110+ new digital cameras of 2008 came out in January 2008, so the manufactures could be going into burst mode with their Photokina announcements.

For our newer readers who may not be familiar with the regular posts here at 1001 Noisy, here is a brief explanation of each of the bullets mentioned in the poll above:

  • Gear/Gadget Talk posts: More equipment talk!
  • Resource/Reference posts: Some examples of these are the posts mentioned here, or the Photokina 2008 rumor round-up, or the Big List of All Cameras of 2007 or the DSLR Review Matrix.
  • Photography Soup posts: Photography Soup is an anything-goes round-up post that we used to do 4-5 times per week, but lately it has dropped to about once per week. But we did "IPO" some of its segments. Examples.
  • Lens coverage: We increased our lens coverage, but the ceiling is pretty high. We are in the middle of a reference series on Digital-Only lenses at the moment.
  • Discover New Sites and Blogs: This feature IPO'ed from the Photography Soup, and features sites and blogs that may be new to you, or new to me, and could be 10 years old or 10 days old. Examples.
  • Photography (non-technical/non-equipment) posts: These would cover aspects of photography that are not directly related to specific equipment or gadgetry. We don't think we have any examples of these :)
  • Forums Digest: A round-up of threads of interest from various photography forums around the net. We have the standard edition that typically looks at one place (eg dpreview) and the "touring edition" which looks at many different forums. Examples.
  • Shopping/Bargain Hunting/Alerts: This could be as simple as finding the Nikon D300 on sale at a reputable dealer for three peanuts and a coconut, or as elaborate as a detailed look at the Canon or Pentax instant and mail-in rebates respectively.
  • .edu posts: Learning and education, from books, tutorials, how-tos, tips, online and offline lessons, etc.
  • Other: Anything else you might be interested in seeing. Of course we are limited by the laws of physics and by resources, so please keep that in mind :)

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