Thursday, May 15, 2008

Most popular among subscribers

So what were the most popular 1001 Noisy posts among our RSS subscribers the last few days? The answer is right here, using our own formula to time-balance the stories based on the Feedburner data.

1. Noisy at Nite featuring Canon G10 and CMOS sensor rumors at Serious Compacts, and other stories.
2. LOST preserves the DSLR Timeline, the universe fabric is not torn, they used a Nikon D100 in a scene taking place in 2005.
3. Digital-only lenses series introduction. This looks promising for our new multi-part series!
4. The Beat the Recession Blues edition of the Weekend Shopper of the previous week was a popular post
5. The Tuesday May 6 edition of the Photography Soup featuring various stories from around the photo-blogo-sphere. We should be doing these more often!
6. Our coverage of the Photozone impact review of the Sony Schmidt Alpha Carl Niklas Zeiss Muller Jonas 24-70 f2.8 SSM lens.
7. The pioneering story of Pioneer Woman Photography generating 3700+ comments in 11 hours in the middle of the night.
8. How to frak your next digital camera purchase, a DIY self-destruct feature :)
9. Last Thursday's Amazon Top Seller Digital Camera Charts soap opera that included prices drops of the Canon S5 IS and G9, and a big jump from the Panasonic TZ4, the Robin of the TZ5/TZ4 duo.
10. Last week's Web2.0-fortified edition of Discover New Sites and Blogs.

Bonus for RSS Newsreader Geeks
As a bonus, for RSS geeks, we have the top five newsreaders used on this blog.

1. Google Feedfetcher Borg Collective (Google Reader, iGoogle, etc)
2. Firefox Live Bookmarks. Firefox is the official browser of 1001 Noisy
3. Bloglines, a web-based news reader
4. Newsgator Online, an online newsreader
5. The battle for the five spot is too close to call between the Windows RSS Reader platform and the Mac OS X RSS reader platform.

If you are into RSS readers, be sure to check the RSS reader poll at LifeHacker.

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