Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Most popular posts among subscribers

Now we take a look at some of the most popular posts among our RSS subscribers! You too can be a subscriber. Subscriptions are free, but please don't expect us to print the whole blog and deliver it to your doorstep :)  Subscribe to our full-text feed!

Most Popular about Subscribers
1. This is the Digital Camera Repor(t). Tonight, ten things that are ruining photography. Later on, we ask you to pick a side, words vs pictures, no middle ground. If you are a photographer, you know what side you should pick! Then we tell you why books are bad (hint: see #2).

2. The Amazon/Wiley name of an alleged book of an alleged Canon 5D Mark II DSLR generated some buzz around the photo-blogo-sphere and photo-forum-sphere.

3. Our detailed look at the new Canon Instant Rebates, and their side-kick, the $50 Digital Rebel mail-in upgrader rebate. You may have already qualified for that if you bought a new 5D/40D and you already had a Digital Rebel.

4. Our detailed look at the Pentax Gear Up Rebate program, featuring savings of up to $375, ideal for people suffering from GAS and LBA. The Pentax rebates are mail-in, not instant like Canon.

5. An Impact Review, the dpreview power duo of Phil and Simon review the Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450d. Reactions included.

6. Our readers were interested to see what kind of craziness we came up with in the new 1001 Noisy Cameras Mall, featuring some of the biggest online photography and high tech retailers. But we haven't forgotten the local camera shops, we also have a link to 30+ shops listed in our Support Your Local Camera Shop Initiative.

7. We went in blogging burst mode last week, and we had to post a post rounding up all the latest posts, a post our readers found useful.

Come back next week for more! And for the RSS geeks out there, we did have a change in the top RSS readers, Bloglines has overtaken Firefox Bookmarks. For more on the newsreaders applications, check last week's post.

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