Thursday, May 8, 2008

Most popular stories among subscribers

What were the most popular stories among our RSS subscribers the last few days? Good question!  Our full-text feed is burnt by Feedburner which also supplies the data that make this post possible.

1. Who reviews digital cameras? A giant post sorting through the various (and multiple) websites and blogs that regularly review digital cameras
2. Sony shows full-frame camera in Canada. Minoltans rejoice!
3. Ashton Kutcher pushes Coolpixies up, although it was the price cuts that made it possible
4. Alternative Mother's Day Gift Ideas. You know, not all mothers want small pink ultracompact point and shoot cameras. Some are actually advanced, experienced, seasoned professional photographers and advanced enthusiasts!
5. Nikon DSLR Price Charts, a snapshot look at the current Nikon DSLR prices. The most popular of our DSLR Price Charts series which includes Canon, K-Mount, Minolta mount and Four Thirds.
6. How to frak your next digital camera purchase, a self-(destruct)-help DIY post ;-)
7. Week in review, a recap of all the posts we posted for the week that was.
8. Fight the recession with a trio of bang for the buck products.
9. Friday edition of the Photography Soup, a super-sized round-up of stories of interest from around the net
10. 100 most recent post titles. Only the titles, not the whole posts :)

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