Thursday, May 22, 2008

Most popular stories among subscribers

Welcome to a new edition of what's popular among our 1000+ RSS feed subscribers. It costs nothing to become a subscriber! You can  subscribe to our full-text feed, using your favorite news-reader, which means you are getting the whole post in your newsreader, not just a short paragraph or title! The feed is syndicated through Feedburner.

Most popular among subscribers

1. Canon EF-S digital only lenses. The EF-S round-up proved to be the most popular in the last seven days when time-adjusting the Feedburner metrics. Canon fans you have won :)

2. The Canon Digital Rebel XS 1000D name leak continued to be a popular topic. We also gave it a new name, Crispy, to match the Original Digital Rebel 300D :)

3. The experimental round-up feature Digital Camera Specials in the Sunday paper caught our reader's attention. Memorial Day is just around the corner after all!

4. Our Reader Picture Showcase made it in the top ten, partially because this feature is powered by the Flickr javascript widget, which is not displayed in RSS feeds.

5. The Canon instant rebates dropping the Canon 40D prices by $200 generated interest among EOSasians. Oh my, you can get a 40D for $940? Temptation!

6. The many digital lenses Pentax has produced perhaps contributed in the DA K-mount lens roundup making it in the top 10. We counted 17 DA lenses, and that's not including the Samsung Xenon Schneider clones!

7. Our new Reader Benefits post makes a case why it is beneficial to be reading this noisy blog! We couldn't agree more ;-)

8. Zoom! Zoom! Who were the top selling superzooms at Amazon on Saturday? Was it the S5 IS? One of the TZ5s? The Nikon P80? A Hello Kitty perhaps? One of the Others?

9. Last week's episode of Discover New Sites and Blogs was powered by the buzzing at Friendfeed! This has just recently become a weekly (mid-week) feature and it is starting to increase in popularity with Top 10 appearances. And if you have any websites or blogs to nominate for this (yours or your favorites), just let us know!

10. We conclude the top 10 with the digital-only lens round-up featuring Sony and Minolta DT lenses. If you missed any part of the digital-only lens round-up series, be sure to check the table of contents and introduction page.

Bonus for RSS Geeks
We have a bonus for those who are interested in the various RSS newsreaders out there. According to Feedburner, these were the most popular RSS readers among our subscribers

1. The Google Borg Collective which includes the Google Reader and iGoogle
2. Firefox Live Bookmarks! Geaux Firefeaux! Firefox is the offiical browser of this blog.
3. Bloglines, an online newsreader, by Ask Jeeves and friends
4. NewsGator Online, another online newsreader, by the people who also offer the free desktop readers FeedDemon (PC) and NetNewsWire (Apple)
5. Windows RSS managed to grab a small lead over Mac OS X RSS in this fierce battle for the five spot.
7. There is a three-way too-close-to-call battle for the #7 spot. We should have asked for a recount ;-) This is between My Yahoo, NetNewsWire (Mac desktop program), and the Google Desktop. Google is everywhere!
10. There is another too close to call situation for the ten spot. Not to be confused with MTV's The Ten Spot! NetVibes and the Safari browser built-in RSS reader are fighting it out!
*. There are lots of others, as about 30% of our subscribers are using readers outside the top six. Viva variety and choice! The list of indies includes Feedreader, FeedDemon, Akregator (KDE), Newsfire, the Opera browser RSS reader, and lots more!

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