Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nikon D300: Prices after the Canon Instant Rebates

About ten days ago, Canon launched a new Instant Rebate program that pushed the 40D prices to $940/$1130 (body only, with EF 28-135 lens) and the 5D prices to $1900/$2600 (body only, with EF 24-105 Lens).

So what happens when the D300 gets attacked from above and below by Canon DSLRs? That is a very good question, and only time will tell the full story. For now, we have some measurables, D300 prices as of right now.

For reference, you can check the D300 prices as of late April 2008, in our Nikon DSLR Price chart. Here is a comparison to those prices, about one month later.

D300B&H PhotoAdoramaAmazonAMZN (3rd party)Circuit City
Body Only$1700
(down $100)
(down $100)
(down $80)
$1700 various
(down $70)
w/18-135 DX$1996
(down $104)
(down $80)
(down $45)
$1920 Ado
(down $30)
w/18-200 DX VR$2250
(up $10)
(up $10)
$2250 J&R
(down $10)

To relive the announcement of the Nikon D300 and D3 announcement, here is our coverage. For lots more on both of these cameras, be sure to check all the posts tagged with D3/D300 mania. There's about forty of them as of this moment.

Price Talk Radio 1001AM The Noisy
There is a radio station, The Noise, so we can't use that, instead it's The Noisy :)

The body only price seems to be fairly stable at around $1700 across the board, and it is really fascinating that the D300 only dropped $100 since its announcement in August 2007.

The bundle with the 18-135 DX lens costs about $220 more, which makes this a tempting kit, considering that the lens alone goes for around $330 in the market bellwether stores listed above. So getting this kit over the body only saves you $110, assuming of course you have an interest in the 18-135 DX lens.

Speaking of DX lenses, be sure to check our round-up on Nikon digital-only DX lenses, which includes links to lots of lens reviews.

Interestingly, the prices of the bundle with the 18-200 DX VR lens have either stayed put or even went up a little bit. Meanwhile the 18-200 DX VR lens goes for about $680 on its own, putting the discount of the [D300 + 18-200DX VR] bundle at about $130, which makes it a tempting temptation for those who are tempted by the D300 + 18-200 DX VR temptation. Tempted?

More on the Price Chart
We added Circuit City to the list to represent the big brick and mortar chain stores. Of course I'm sure you are all familiar with Adorama and B&H Photo, and Amazon is included as the largest online retailer and also the largest online marketplace. The latter, the table entry we call "AMZN (3rd party)" is an easy way to get a price read on a number of reputable online retailers since stores like J&R World, Crutchfield, Cameta, Adorama, Calumet, OneCall, Vanns, Target, etc, are listing there.


Anonymous said...

D300 prices are going to get much lower over the next few months.

Over the last three weeks Norway's largest photo chain have sold the D300 at a price equal to 2000USD, as a special offering.

Why does that matter? Usually camera equipement in Norway cost 70-80% more than in the US. At least with the exchange rates these days...

So a price of 2000USD in Norway would equal a price of 1200-1300USD in the US. If you can turn a profit on that in Norway, or at least not loose any money, why can't you do it in the US as well?

1001 noisy cameras said...

Interesting numbers! Currently D300's predecessor, the D200, is going for just over $1100 in the US market.

Different prices in different markets have been an interesting point, and there are so many variables to consider, which makes it a fun topic to discuss and speculate on.

What if they were testing that price point in Norway to see how it does, and perhaps that's where a D80-replacement (D90 or D300-Lite) would come in?

The D80 did cause a little bit of "discomfort" to D200 owners at iuts time, so perhaps a D90/D300-Lite might do the same?

Pete said...

the d300 retailed at £1299 at launch (if memory serves). it's now down to £979 with the same online retailer.

many retailers have stopped the d200 so does that mean a d80 replacement will slot in soon between the d60 an d300?

1001 noisy cameras said...

Indeed! The question is whether it will be more of a D80+ or more of a D300-Lite?

Nikon has not been shy about keeping cameras around for a while, but I doubt they are going to try to not "hurt" the D200 with the new D80+/D300-Lite.