Monday, May 12, 2008

Nikon D300 with 18-200 DX VR lens makes it to the Top 25 (Amazon Top Seller Camera Charts)

Welcome to another edition of our bi-weekly soap opera that is the Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts. We have just posted a brand new Top 25 Camera Chart. Here is a screenshot teaser right below.

Top Trends

  • The world will stop spinning off its axis! The Nikon D300 bundled with the 18-200 DX VR lens has made a Top 25 debut. This is insane! This is a $2200+ camera! It was a $26 discount that got the ball rolling, but it's quite interesting that in a recession era a $2200+ camera kit is a Top 25 best seller! But this did come at a cost for Nikon, so it was not all hunky dory, the prices are favoring the kit, and that has crashed the D300 body only kit down to #50. But considering that the price difference between the two kits is under $500, buyers seem to prefer now to get the 18-200 DX VR (goes for around $670 on its own).
  • The Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D) retains the [Top DSLR] designation, taking advantage of Canon's May 1st price adjustments and the release of the XSi (450D). Before that, it was the XTi (400D) that was the top selling DSLR for a long time. The market works in strange ways!
  • Good price means big moves for the Panasonic TZ5 whose in-stock situation seems to be volatile, which explains why it is jumping all over the place
  • None of the hot movers of the previous chart managed to retain their momentum

    More Observations
  • The Olympus Stylus 1030SW, silver, Olympus's shockproof, waterproof, etc, digital camera returns to the Top 25, giving Olympus a top 25 presence, something rare since Amazon is a Canon-dominated market. For a round-up of waterproof cameras, be sure to check Photography Review.
  • Out goes the only Sony digital camera in the Top 25. Ouch! How embarrassing!
  • The Ashton Kutcher discount-powered magic is gone. None of the Kutcher Coolpixies are left in the Top 25
  • The Canon SD870-IS gets a discount, and that's enough to rush it into the top three. Likewise the black version makes it to the Top Ten. The SD870-IS is the camera of this chart, although the SD1000 may disagree with that assessment as its black finish version returns to the top ten as well.
  • The Canon A590-IS makes its first top five appearance! At the same, in another "changing of the guard" move, the A570-IS drops out of the top ten
  • The Canon SD850-IS is starting to feel the pressure of all the new Elphs (SD890-IS and SD770-IS)
  • The Canon SD1100-IS makes its first top ten appearance. The honor belongs to the blue version. You see Canon, people like colorful cameras! Canon was insisting only on silver or black versions of most of its Elph models, but they seem to be more "colorful" now
  • The $430 price was temporary for the Canon G9, it now returns back to $450

    Making Noise outside the Top 25
    The Nikon P80's new release momentum ended at the doorstep of the Top 25, without actually making it in. It will probably need a nice discount before it has another chance for the Top 25.

    The Sony A300 two-lens kit (A300X, with 18-70 DT and 55-200 DT) is making a lot of waves in the Top 50, currently selling for $800, and ...tilting the competition along the way :)

    Hard times for the Sony T300 flagship, as the price of $350 can barely keep the camera in the Top 50. Perhaps it is time for Sony to follow Fuji's example and offer dual SD/MemoryStick memory card slots in all their new cameras. And apologize for the Memory Stick to everyone :)

    A small price drop on the Nikon D60 kit may be just enough to tilt the balance between it and the D40 and start the top sellers charts ascend to the Top 25. We've already seen the D40 slowly drop in position, and this time around they exited the Top 25 altogether.

    Not a good chart for the Canon 40D kits, as they both dropped dramatically. Oh Canon, you had to tweak the prices, didn't you?

    A DC Resource Review bump for the Panasonic FX35 as it has jumped back into the Top 75. Will it carry on when we do the next update on Thursday?

    Next Episode
    The next update will be posted on Thursday May 15, 2008


    Amin said...

    Wow, that is insane! Very tasty bit of kit, even for $2200 though.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    The D300 mania continues! I am rather surprised that Canon has still done nothing (in public) to counter the D3/D300 power-duo.

    The invincible Canon of old (three years ago) would have announced a better spec'ed camera the day after, and probably sold it for less!