Monday, May 12, 2008

Noisy at Nite: We have gone mad!

We are sure it is night somewhere out there. Noisy at Nite is a round-up post that cranks up the silliness factor by +2 EV. Sometimes by more. So read with that in mind :)

As we promised a few moons ago, we will try to increase lens coverage. And what better way than to start a resource-guide series on digital-only lenses. Part One, featuring the Nikon DX lenses, will be posted at 7am New York City time on Tuesday. More will be added in the next few days, and we hope to have it completed in about two weeks or so.

We also had a light-bulb moment for a new reference project. With Photokina 2008 130+ days away, this is a good time. By the way, we added a countdown clock to Photokina 2008 in the giant Photokina rumor round-up post.

It is a running joke that there are about a dozen blogs "trapped" inside 1001 Noisy, so we thought we could "IPO" one of them and present it in a completely opposite format to 1001 Noisy: simple, easy to read and two-dimensional. The reader-workflow (not content) will be similar to The Camera Charts. We hope someone (anyone) can talk us out of it because it is painfully long :) We will not reveal it, we want to create faux-suspense (as if anyone cares) ;-) But we'll give you a hint (or is it a red herring), it may be related in some ways to the DSLR Review Matrix. Or not.

But we have to put a stop to the rumors that we are working on a new blog on romance and relationship advice, The Noisy Romantic, 1001 tips on finding and maintaining true love. The rumors are completely unfounded. There were even some rumors that our first post would be on "Jealousy", how much jealousy is a sign of love, and how much jealousy is a sign of obsession and possessiveness.

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