Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Noisy at Nite: Canon G10 rumors, G9 price drop, and blogging plans

Welcome to the late night round-up (I'm sure it's late night somewhere), Noisy at Nite! We start with some interesting rumor discussions at Serious Compacts, on Canon, G10 and CMOS sensors. Promises to be an interesting Photokina 2008 judging by what we are expecting and speculating already.

And speaking of the Canon G-series, coincidence or not, the G9 is now down to $430 at Amazon. And speaking of shopping, we are trying yet another new format, this time it is the digital camera deals wire, with just one line per camera. This will hopefully make it easier to read and browse, as we usually tend to write long winded posts and sentences that never end and keep going on and on making the paragraphs very long and obviously not as easy to follow, especially for the people who are speed reading through posts and they keep going and going and going without end :)

Spring is in the air, summer is just around the corner, do you want to take your camera with you without having to worry (too much) about getting dust, water and exotic drinks all over it? Photography Review has an outdoorsy camera round-up. Jimmy Buffet CDs not included :)

Planning to Plan
Yes, we do have a tentative plan of what to expect in the next few days. More things will be posted, but the following are the posts that have been scheduled in erasable ink. You don't want to see what's scheduled in pencil :)
Thursday: Most popular posts among RSS subscribers, and new Amazon Charts soap opera
Friday: Weekend Shopper
Saturday: The Charts (superzooms)
Sunday: Week in Review
Monday: You decide the next Big Monday feature. The early vote favors the Photography TV Listings candidate! There's still time to vote! And even after Monday, please feel free to continue voting as it can influence which one of the remaining features we do next.

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