Monday, May 19, 2008

Noisy at Nite: Canon Rebates, New Charts, Sigma DP1 review, and lots more

Welcome to the late night round-up, Noisy at Nite! In case you missed the flurry of posts today, here is a quick recap of Big Noisy Monday!

A new Top Selling Camera Charts was posted. Here is our analysis of the new standings. Sneak peak: Panasonic TZ-series jump all over the place, Nikon D60 moves on up, the Rebels withdrawing?

The new Canon instant rebates are starting to sink in, creating a great Canon 40D bargain, putting the body only at around $950! For a complete list of the post-instant-rebate prices, be sure to check this Adorama Canon Instant Rebate page.

Our multi-part round-up of digital-only lenses continued today with the Sony Minolta DT lenses and the many Pentax DA lenses. Coming next will be Four Thirds, and since Four Thirds is designed for digital only, it means we will be reviewing the whole Four Thirds line-up from Olympus, and Leicasonic (Leica + Panasonic). If you missed any of the previous episodes (Canon, Nikon), be sure to check the Intro/Table of Contents of this series.

Meanwhile, at this hour, more stories are flashing through our big 100" LCD screens, in the Noisy Situation Room. Our host, Volf Blidzor is on a peppermint tea break, so it's a no-host situation room ;-) There you will find all sorts of stories of interest, grouped by category, such as reviews, lenses, educational/tutorials (.edu), round-ups, high tech, and lots more.

And speaking of reviews, rumor has it that dpreview has reviewed the Sigma DP1. We will have coverage of the review with reactions and such later on, probably on Tuesday. One thing that may perhaps disappoint hardcore dpreview fans is that the camera wasn't reviewed by the two veteran reviewers, Phil Askey or Simon Joinson. Nothing against the current reviewer, but one would expect that one of the two veterans would tackle the herculean task of reviewing the Foveonesque world :)

And a heads up for tomorrow, we will have a special edition of the Photography Soup tomorrow morning. If you are on dial-up, you probably won't like it!

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