Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Noisy at Nite: Latest Buzz, Digital Lenses, and more!

Welcome to Noisy at Nite, a late night talk show late night round-up post of things past, present and future, with silliness boosted to EV +2.

The Present
If you want to discover new websites and blogs, be sure to check today's edition of Discover New Sites and Blogs, powered by Friendfeed. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for next week's edition, just let us know!

At this hour Oops, no Wolf Blidzor yet! Canon may have leaked the name of an upcoming Digital Rebel XS 1000D DSLR in a recent software update. After the discovery of the Nikon D3X reference in the Nikon update, people are discovering that they can find some interesting nuggets when they dig into software, firmware, and hardware for clues!

Not to be overshadowed, Olympus has announced the new Olympus E520 DSLR, along with the 9-18mm wide angle Digital Zuiko lens, both of the Four Thirds mount.

For the latest buzz, be sure to check the Noisy Situation Room. We can't afford 100" LCDs or Wolf Blitzer, so we have to make do with blue text boxes :)

Blast from the Past
What did we post here at 1001 Noisy one year ago? Let's get into the Time Machine and see what we get. We can guarantee that what we find will be more exciting that today's overly hyped NASA announcement :)

So what was buzzing a year ago? Amazon acquired Yes, it's been a year since Amazon and dpreview joined forces! We also posted a long winded photography documentaries on DVD round-up, a post that badly needs to be refreshed.

The Future
Here is the tentative plan of what to expect in the next few days:

  • Thursday: Most popular posts among RSS subscribers, new episode of the Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts soap-opera, and Part II of the Digital-only lens series, focusing (bad pun intended) on the Canon EF-S lenses.
  • Friday: Weekend Shopper
  • Saturday: The Charts featuring SuperZooms
  • Sunday: Weekly Rewind (weekly review of all the posts we posted)
  • Monday: New Amazon Top Selling Camera Charts soap opera and Big Monday, which will feature more Digital-only Lenses (Sony/Minolta DT, K-Mount DA, and Four Thirds)
  • Top Secret Blog Project: We are working on a reference type blog. It is still in the early stages of development, we will post more in the next few days. We already ruled out a dating and relationship advice blog. You can find it if you know where to look, but we won't give you a map :)

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