Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Outside the Box: Become a Fakearazzi!

In this brand new "Outside the Box" experimental feature we present ideas that are ...outside the box. In today's edition, we have an extra-income idea for photographers.

Premise: In today's pop culture, celebrities, celebrity worship and celebrity lifestyles are very popular, at least with a group of the population. Whether that's healthy or productive is a question for a different place and time.

The Resource: Photographers idling on the sidelines, with lots of big cameras and big lenses and big flashes. Ideal for photographers suffering from GAS and LBA :)

The Opportunity: Grab a group of your friends (photographers or not), pick up the biggest cameras, lenses and flashes (working or not), and offer your services to people throwing parties for their friends, family members and loved ones. Their special someone will feel a whole lot more important when a group of photographers chase them as they enter or exit the restaurant to celebrate their birthday or special occasion, making them feel like a celebrity worthy of an army of paparazzi. You don't even have to take pictures, just fire the flash a few times and make loud shutter-click sounds! Easy money :)


Vincent Termini said...

I heard of a company doing this on a bay area california radio statio. They had "package deals" that were like 800-$5000 or something.

1001 noisy cameras said...

There we go, so it was indeed bound to happen! Now people can find use for all those broken beatup lenses on eBay, they are the ideal fake-arazzi lens :)