Friday, May 16, 2008

Panasonic TZ5A deal at $269 (Noisy Shopper Alert)

We interrupt the silence with a deal on the Panasonic TZ5, namely the TZ5A, the azure (blue-cyan) edition. The special price is $269 at Amazon, and this includes free shipping. The price and availability is current as of the writing of this post. The later you read this, the higher are the chances that the price may have changed.

This TZ5 deal is so hot that it has actually jumped (temporarily of course) to the #1 Top Selling digital camera spot at Amazon!

The TZ5 has been recently reviewed by dpreview. A number of other sites have also reviewed the "fun zoom" heir to the TZ3 throne, including Photoxels, Photography Blog, and Camera Labs.

Don't let the TZ15 name confuse you, Panasonic has decided to muddy the waters and is giving cameras different names in different markets. Also please don't confuse this model with the older Panasonic FZ15, which was the Robin of the FZ20/FZ15 duo. Wow, the FZ15 had "just" four megapixels.

If you want to relive the "birth" of the TZ5, be sure to check our TZ5 leak post from late January 2008. And if you do not hate this blog, please note that your purchases help keep this blog ticking, so buy early and often :)


prophotolife said...

I have the TZ3 and love it. The video capabilities are amazing and it's cool to shoot photos in the 16:9 format (and, uh, Leica lens - Leeeeica). I can't believe the TZ5 is already this cheap.Something else to buy.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Indeed! They seem to have found the formula to make a fun camera! And the Leica lens certainly does not hurt :)