Monday, May 19, 2008

Panasonic TZ5A and TZ4K zoom, Nikon D60 makes noise in a good way (Amazon Top Selling digital camera charts soap opera)

Welcome to another edition of our on-going soap opera of tracking the top selling digital cameras at Amazon in a snapshot to snapshot soap opera! If you don't want any spoilers, be sure to jump right ahead and read today's new top sellers.

And as usual, here is a screenshot teaser, showing the battle for the [Top DSLR] spot among, who else, Canon and Nikon!

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In the segments below we give our opinions on what we think we saw :)

DSLR World
On the DSLR front, the Nikon D60 was just a few spots away from being the [Top DSLR], taking this honorary title away from Canon who had it since the beginning of this Chart soap opera. Part of the reason of course is a new discount, bringing it down to $650, with the 18-55 DX VR kit lens of course.

Part of the reason for this is that there is a changing of the guard and price adjustment period as EOS fans are trying to "digest" the new XSi, along with the current XTi and XT. Also known as 450D, 400D, 350D respectively. Not mentioned is the Original, the 300D, and we just decided to name the leaked name XS 1000D as Krispy :)

But the big bang is going to be in the next edition, because the new Canon Instant Rebates are causing price drops in the Canon EOS 40D. The body only version currently goes for $940 at Adorama, and this should put this camera in the top 10 if it can sustain this price for the next few days!

It's a Panasonic TZ-world out there
The temporarily $269 price gave the Panasonic TZ5A a giant boost, but as the price has now gone up to its regular levels, it has started to slide. Had we done this episode on Friday afternoon, the TZ5A would have been #1. Yet still, its momentum is currently keeping it at the #9 spot, which should have Lumix fans dancing in the streets ;-) It is rare that a non-Canon camera breaks into the Top 10 at Amazon.

But it's not the only TZ-series camera making a splash, the TZ4K (black finish) has jumped seven spots to #14, giving the Canon superzooms a threat to worry about.

Not once, not twice, three times a Tizzy! Yes, we have three Tizzies (TZ-series cameras) in the Top 25, the TZ5S (silver) has jumped in as well, occupying the #19 slot.

More opinions
Sony fans can celebrate too, the W120/B is showing staying power by remaining in the top 20 for the second episode in a row. The W120 has the potential to become as popular as the W55, which undoubtedly played its part in Sony's market share numbers in the last few months. A $10 discount always help too :)

The Canon A590-IS has reached a new high, taking over the #4 spot! Can it knock off the power trio of Elphs (Ixus, Ixy) and get the number one spot soon or are the Elves just too irresistible to the Amazon users? And as the A590-IS continues to climb, the A570-IS continues to drop, now outside the top 20.

The Canon SX100-IS at the price of around $220, has slowly but steadily been climbing up again, and it is now knocking on the door of the top ten.

The next update will be posted on Thursday May 22, 2008!

Hot Cameras expected to make a splash next time

  • The Canon 40D body only and with the EF 28-135 lens, obviously, after its new low price
  • The Olympus FE-310 has been picking up momentum. And as usual, momentum is linked to a price cut as well :) Currently going for $108. But some people may forget the higher price of xD cards! And good luck explaining to the average non-technie consumer how to format a card so you can take panoramas with it!
  • Nikon P80: More price cuts, now approaching the $350 tier. This should be the jolt that it needs to make a Top 25 run!
  • Panasonic FZ18K has had a steady supply through 3rd party retailers, and its price can hold under $350, it could be making a return to the Top 25.

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