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Photography Shows on TV (USA, May 2008)

As voted by our readers with a 50%+ majority vote, the photography shows TV Guide is this week's Big Monday featured story.

This covers the USA TV market. Unfortunately we are not very familiar with other TV landscapes, so we are not able to provide a more comprehensive TV Guide.

All times listed here are pacific, but please do check with your local listings as some channels use an east/west feed, while others have a national feed. The times provided are to be used as a general guideline, not as a replacement for your local TV guide/listings. This post does not replace your TiVo!

Some of the shows may also be available online at the channel's website or on-demand through your digital cable system.

If you are worried about ratings, content, subject matter, or suitability for younger audiences, please do your homework and research them. Google is your friend.

Featured Shows

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye (2003): At 5:40am, on Monday May 19, on the Sundance Channel (available on DVD)

The Language of Photography, an eight-part series, airing or available On-Demand or online from some PBS stations.

AFP, profession photographe, TV5 Monde. AFP being Agence France-Presse. This is on premium digital cable channel, in french, which you have to subscribe specifically for. Mon May 12 and Tue May 13 at 10am. One hour long documentary.

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006): Airs on HBO Signature early on Tuesday May 13, and in the afternoon on May 15. Inspired by a book by Patricia Bosworth (available on DVD)

The Crocodile Hunter, "They Shoot Crocodiles Don't They" The late Steve Irwin turns the camera around to introduce photographers who have filmed his adventures around the world. Thur May 15 at 3pm on Animal Planet.

Anaconda!, South African photographer Austin Stevens tries to capture a wild anaconda. Fri May 16 at noon. Discovery HD Theater (high def channel)

Henry Ford, on the Biography channel, Thur May 22, at 4am. Home movies and photographs used to profile the founder of Ford.

How It's Made, "Photographers etc". Friday May 16 at 6am/9am on the Discovery Channel

Designed to Sell, "Negative Space". A photographer must transform his darkroom before selling. We assume they are not talking about the digital darkroom :) Thur May 22 at 5pm, on HGTV-HD and 8pm on the regular HGTV channel.

The Linda McCartney Story (2000), movie, the story of photographer Linda McCartney (and wife of Beatle Paul McCartney), Thur May 15, 1140pm, one of the Starz family of channels.

Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids (2004 Academy Award Winner): At 645am and 1pm, Sunday May 11, the Sundance Channel. Photographer Zana Briski gives cameras to children of prostitutes and shows them how to take pictures. Repeats 430pm on Tue May 20, and 520am and 1015am on Wedn May 21. (available on DVD, and Book)

Radical Sabbatical: One of the segments features a wildlife photographer, on Thursday May 22 at 430am, on the Fantasy Living channel.

Get Married, "Photographer Rebecca Bouck", 730am on Tue May 20 on Lifetime.

Making It Big, "Fashion Photographers", on May 20 at 5am, on the Style Channel. Three fashion photographers compete for a mentor-ship opportunity under New York fashion photographer Joshua Jordan.

Eye for an Eye, "Burning Down the Couch", woman sues adult-pictures photographer for unsolicited use of her photo. Syndicates show on Thursday May 15


Planet XYZ, "Owen", Sunday May 11 at 1240am, Encore-WAM, featuring surf photographer Chris Owen

Series "House of Babies" episode "Baby beautiful" where a photographer captures the last few days of a pregnancy. Wedn May 14 at 3am and 8am on Discovery Health Channel.

TV show A Makeover Story features the episode "Grand Opening", where a photographer (and a graphic artist) get redone for their first gala art opening. Thursday May 22, at 8am, on Discover HD Theater (high-def channel)

Black Filmmaker Showcase, "Bliss", a short film (20 minutes long). A female photographer falls in love with a mysterious graffiti artist. On Showtime Showcase. Airs Mon May 12 at 540am, Wedn May 14 at 6am, Thur May 15 at 635am.

What Not Wear, "Kristen", Wedn May 21, at 9am and noon. A photographer is not camera ready.

CSI Miami, "Stalkerazzi", involves a slain photographer accidentally who witnessed a murder while snapping pictures of a famous actor. Or something like that. Wedn May 14 at 8pm and midnight on A&E HD and 11pm and 3am on A&E regular.

Happy Days, "Joanie Busts out", May 22, 130am on WNG. Joanie agrees to pose for a photographer...

Clean House, "The Harrell Family". Team works their magic on the home of a former heavy-metal photographer, 4pm on May 21 on the Style Channel.

Movies that feature photographers/photography

  • Rear Window (1954), Tuesday May 20, 5pm, TCM (Turner Classic Movies)
  • Funny Face (1957), Sunday May 11 at 625am, Sun May 18 at 450am, Mon May 19 at 615am, HBO Signature
  • Eyes of Laura Mars (1978), Thur May 15 at 845pm, Wedn May 21 at 1145pm, on FLIX
  • The Lady Vanishes (1979), Sat May 17 at 620am, on RetroPLEX
  • Mad Dog and Glory (1993), Thur May 15, 630am, one of the CineMax channels
  • Nina Takes a Lover (1994), HBO, Thur May 15 at 215am/515am, and Fri May 16 at 330pm
  • Guinevere (1999), IndiePlex. On six different days (May 12, 13, 17, 18, 21, 22)
  • The Caveman's Valentine (2001), Fri May 16, 150am and 1015pm, one of the Encore and Starz family of channels respectively
  • November (2004), Thursday May 22 at 705am, and 1245pm, IFC
  • Ab-normal Beauty (2004), Monday May 12, midnight, Sundance Channel
  • Hard Candy (2006), Fri May 16 at 1245am on Showtime
  • Dark Beauty (2007), Sat May 17 at 9pm, Lifetime

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