Friday, May 2, 2008

Photography Soup (Friday May 2, 2008)

In today's episode, we test our readers, then dive into the soup, and finish up with a noisy recap :) Test you say? Read on, it's probably not what you think :)

May is National Photography Month
Before we get started, May is indeed national photography month! Happy Photography month everyone :-) More on this at PMAI. If the name sounds familiar, they are the people who bring us the PMA trade show. Speaking of which, you can relive it through our PMA 2008 Speculation Spectacular. And for those who like scrapbooking, Kim talks about National Photo Month and also the national scrapbooking day.

Take the Test
No, we are not running a CDC PSA! We are talking about the digital photography knowledge test, a 23-question test created by Canon Blogger. Don't worry, there is no mention of Canon vs Nikon in the test :)

Digital Photography Books break the glass ceiling!
Yes, digital photography book fans, the glass ceiling is broken! Photoshop guru Scott Kelby had the first digital photography blockbuster book. Move over Tom Clancy and Danielle Steel! Here comes digital photography! His book "The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1" (Amazon, $12) sold over 250,000 copies so far! And what's even better for the genre, the sequel, Volume II (Amazon, $15), is outpacing Volume I by a significant margin.

Meanwhile the Strobist review bump pushed the book "Minimalist Lighting" by Kirk Tuck (Amazon, $23) into the Amazon all-books Top 25 as noted by The Online Photographer.

These two cases are yet another indicator of the popularity of digital photography. So if you are thinking of writing a digital photography book, yours could be the next blockbuster! Pick up a pen and a scratch-pad and work on that outline!

Around the Internets
Congratulations to Digital Pro Talk! David Ziser's professional photographer blog has hit the 1000 post mark! Congratulations! digs into the Fuji financial numbers, where they discover that the F50fd and the Z-series were their most popular models.

Luminous Landscape is doing something great to help one of their friends in need. They are offering some of their prints at a significant ig discount. And all proceeds from the sale help pay the medical bills of their friend in need. This is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Be sure to check it out!

Have a business or work for an imaging company? Want to get your products in front of a really good audience? Epic Edits is now accepting advertisers. Go Bloggers Go!

For the latest new stories from around the net be sure to check the Imaging Insider, and Noisy Newsroom, with 70+ story links at any point in time! And if that's just too much, you can instead check the easy-going Ten Stories Only.

Catch up with the Noisy posts
Missed any of our recent posts? Catch up with the Noisy Round-up. And don't forget to check the DSLR Price Charts, where we take snapshots of DSLR kit prices at some of the influential retailers. And don't forget Mother's Day.

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