Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Photography Soup (Tuesday May 27, 2008)

Welcome to a new edition of the Photography Soup, our not-so-daily daily round-up of the photo-blogo-sphere! Once upon a time this was actually posted 4-5 times per week!

With a Twist
What are radio poppers? Will you get in trouble if you use them? Find out at Dream Time Images!

The Canon 1D Mark III is a facilitator, a facilitator of Rebels, details at Galbraith, or you can wait for the 11 o'clock news :)

Who was the winner of the TWIP (This Week In Photography) assigment #8? We won't say, we don't want to spoil the surprise, you have to find out what's behind the door yourselves :)

Inside the Insider
There's plenty of interesting stories from the wide world of photography and imaging at the Imaging Insider, here are some of our recent favorites.

The Legal Eagles are busy again. At this rate, there's enough material to launch a Law & Order spin-off just to deal with all the photography-related issues. The latest, centers around derivative works (or not).

What is going on with Consumer Reports and their digital camera tests? Will they merge the camera tests with the washer and dryer tests?

And an obituary, Robert Capa's brother, Cornell Capa has passed away.

Into the Soup
If you have ten hours to spare, be sure to check 90+ photography tools at Mashable. You may have seen this before, it's approaching its one year anniversary :)

Pro Photo Life continues their educational series on digital workflow with a new installment talking about image processing.

Shutterfinger strongly encourages fellow photographers to get organized and stop procrastinating! Images are not self-organizing ...yet.

Oh the disgrace, you can now get digital camera out of vending machines, as if they were butterfingers! Macy's is now doing that, says CameraTown.

An interesting read on the past, present and future at Pro Photo Life, centering around the photo-commuity.

If you like PBS-like content, be sure to read Robert X Cringley's high-tech/IT blog, The Pulpit, posted at ...pbs.org.

Forget the rules! The photography rules that is, says Lighting Mods.

Are you a fine art photographer? Interested in joining some other fine fine-art photographers at the Fine Art Photography photoblog? For all the details check the aforementioned link at Epic Edits. Fine Art has seven photographers and looking to expand. Among the seven is friend of the blog David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk.

How about some pictures?
To give the pictures some breathing room, we will limit the verbiage in this segment.

Pictures from Bangalore, India at Shawn Duffy's blog... Sunset and San Francisco, all along the watchtower at JMG Galleries... Beach Walk by David Ziser... Foamy flow by Neil Creek... And Magna Carta di pixelante...

If you think with your camera, you could win the photographer of the year competition at Think Camera.

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