Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Photography Soup (Tuesday May 6, 2008)

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Around the Internets
A Big Thank You to Photoshop User TV for featuring this noisy blog in episode #132! Photoshop User TV features Photoshop experts sharing tips and their expertise with the rest of us.

Have a soft spot for weddings or interested in wedding photography? Check out one of Ryan Brenizer's recent photo shoots.

Photo Compete, a blog specializing in photo competition, talks about the new Proudest Moment contest. DMB fans may start singing out of the blue o/~ I am the proudest monkey o/~

Flickr donates pro accounts to non-profits. Countries participating so far in this program are Hong Kong, Oz, USA, UK, and Canadia.

Scott Kelby shares the latest happenings from his trip to New York at Photoshop Insider.

Round and round it goes. Okay we don't have a good transition here, but here is the latest Photo Feed round-up by the PDN Pulse blog.

One crazy blogger thinks that Ashton Kutcher is affecting Coolpixie sales. Oh those crazy bloggers! Where do they come up with these things? :)

Impact Review
Petteri's 10-page review of the Sigma DP1 has generated a lot of buzz. Petteri's unique style and ability to convey his thoughts in a compact yet very concise fashion make this a very interesting review to read. Reactions to the review at Serious Compacts.

And speaking of reviews, Camera Labs turn up the heat and grade the Sony Alpha A300 DSLR, the one that squeezed out the poor Alpha A200, which you can get at Amazon for $500, with the 18-70 DT lens included.

.edu (Education and Learning)
Time heals all wounds, but it takes a healing brush when it comes to Photoshop. More at Epic Edits.

Learn from the pros! David Ziser offers an inside look to one of his Master classes.

And speaking of which, be sure to check the new installment of Lighting 102 at Strobist. This lesson involves tungsten lighting and gels. Do not eat either one!

A Johnny Cash song becomes a ... photography tip? We promise there are no Coldplay covers either :)

Harry Benson shares the sugar. Details at Galbraith.

TWIP focuses on auto focus performance. TWIP of course is a new and exciting blog, TWIP being This Week In Photography!

Are you in DC, or are you going to be near DC? Planning to go for a walk? How about a ... photo walk? More at Photo Walk Pro!

Learn more about the Nikonians World. If you are a Canon user, this may be a brave new world. Explore the Dark Side. If you are not a Canon user, be sure to check it out :)

Catching up with the latest Dramas
Orphan works, oh we are not talking about Charles Dickens orphans. Wipe away your tears! Chase Jarvis has a new update. More on the Orphan drama at Digital Pro Talk.

Blast from the Past
Did you miss the Sony Foam City event in mid-March? Relive it through the eyes of Photography Bay.

The Pop Photo blog has a Q&A with photographer Langdon Clay on 42nd Street. We will be having interviews next month on the Boulevard of Broken Pixels ;-)

More new news?
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