Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photography Soup (YouTube edition)

Yes, we do have a bandwidth-wasting edition of the Photography Soup. All the sites mentioned in this post are video, most of them YouTube. So prepare to eat up your bandwidth!

If you are using Firefox and you don't want the videos to start loading when you load their page, consider the Firefox extension Flashblock, which we liked very very much. It just shows the letter "F" where Flash animations reside, and if you want them to load, just click on the big F! Viva Flashblock!

And now that we told you how not to watch them, here are the YouTube videos to watch :)

YouTube is not just silly fun and games, there is a lot of useful, practical and interesting content out there! For example, camera review site Camera Labs has embraced the format, and has over 70 video posts. They go hand in hand with their on-site reviews. Check all 70+ Camera Labs YouTube videos.

Also educational, are the photographic tutorials in the video library at Pro Photo Life, Jim T's professional photographer's blog! There are ten episodes there, covering lighting, studio work, DIY ideas, and for the curious and nosy out there, there is also a tour of the studio, which includes a day light viewing station, 3000 square feet of versatile shooting area, a coffee status report, and lots more!

And then there's the fun and games, with cameras, video cameras, and video clips. Digital Rev offers a ceremonious unboxing and video review of the Nikon D300 (aka Neekon D300). Meanwhile, Dom Bower makes an on-screen transition from the Nikon D80 to the Nikon D300.

Move over Phil Askey! This 80-second review of the Panasonic TZ5 has everything you wanna know about the camera, including two sample pictures. And Radiohead playing in the background. You may need half a Tylenol after watching this video though :)

Fantasy island? This YouTuber has prototype presentations *cough* *cough* of the Nikon D3X and Nikon D3H *cough* *cough*

Do you have any YouTube content, related to cameras and photography? Let us know and we'll add it to this post!


David said...

"Neekon"? Those guys at DigitalRev have got a better idea of how it's pronounced than most of us native English speakers (especially ones from North America!). So let's say they are pronouncing it Nikon. A s opposed, say, to Neye-kon

1001 noisy cameras said...

Perhaps the N[i/ee/eye/aye/eee]kon CEO and board of directors should come out and offer a standard worldwide pronunciation :)